How to tell if he is being sincere?

My boyfriend fell off the face of the earth. I didn't hear from him for 3 weeks even when I tried contacting him. I figured we broke up and started to move on. He called me up out of the blue profusely apologizing asking for another chance. I am so unsure but do harbor feelings for him. He promised he would never do this to me again and would just be straight with me. I talked to another guy about this and he told me guys don't really mean it when they say sorry...its just something they say to pacify a girl. How do I know if he is truly sorry and being sincere? I'm just afraid of getting hurt again...


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  • Time for a long talk. Sit down before and write down all the things you mean to say and then meet with him. See if he will talk to you about it. If he won't/can't tell him it's a no-go situation. If he will talk see if he is credible. How young is this guy? Doesn't sound very considerate.


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  • Seems pretty obvious he doesn't deserve you.. what kind of guy would ignore you for three weeks? I would feel completely disrespected and hurt.

  • If it was a day or two maybe that's fine. More than that I'd be suspicious. Three weeks, I most likely wouldn't trust him unless a family member died or something, but even still I'd think he'd contact you. That would definitely ruin my trust. Three weeks is a VERY long time, but of course he will apologize, it sounds like he's playing games