Is it unusual to be in your mid-twenties and to have never been in a long term relationship?

Just wondering if I'm normal or abnormal. hah.


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  • Well I came up with my name a while ago, but it's still true now. Haven't had any real relationships. It's a matter of being shy and a matter of time. Was busy in school and now I'm busy with work

    A short term relationship isn't all that bad. It means you aren't wasting time with someone who isn't compatible. It gives you less time to get attached and get hurt if things go badly. The basic thing is as long as you're taking away some idea what you want and don't want from each relationship you have, then you're getting what you should out of each one. Then when you find someone who fits all those wants and don't wants you can have the long term relationship.

    • Do I have to write down those wants and don't wants, or do you think they will be remembered? haha

    • {jw. not trying to poke fun}

    • I think you'll likely to remember them. But some people do keep a list of what they most have in a relationship and some general guide lines they follow. I personally never tried to get overly specific about what I was looking for and do the "list" mentally.

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  • I'm the same way, then again I've never been in a short term relationship either.

    • That's OK. The short ones are kind of a bust.

  • My sister didn't have her first boyfriend until she was 26 and they ended up getting married. There's a right guy out there for you, just make sure you're opening yourself up to new experiences and people and you'll find him.

  • My best buddy is 30, he is succesful, lives in Manhattan NY and has not hd a girlfriend since he was 19. I guess that's normal in NY. He does have plenty of female friends, just no girlfriend.

    For me I always like long term relationships because I need regular sex and intimacy without being worried about diseases. It just depends on your personality, most relationships are headaches anyway.

    • Your NY friend probably sleeps around sounds like.

    • Yea,a bit. Not as much as I would expect though

  • I'm in my early twenties, and have never even been in a short-term relationship, never mind a long-term one.

    • Ah, I see. We're both weirdos. Xo)

    • It's my personal belief that everyone's strange in their own messed up way.

  • I'm 24 and the only relationship I've been in lasted 5 months. I like to tell people when they ask, that my longest AND shortest relationship has been 5 months. Sometimes they get it and sometimes they don't...

    You shouldn't compare yourself to other people out there. I enjoy being single and have yet to find a girl that changes my mind. I see it as I'm too young to settle for Ms. Right-now. There are too many single people out there not to wait for someone that fits you just right!

    • True, true. Why settle if no one else is? lol

  • I have never been in any relationship long or short. I am only 21 but I hope to find someone soon.

    • Yeah, I'm shy too. But it's not worth focusing all of your motivation on that one goal of meeting someone.

    • I know what you mean but I hope I find someone when the time is right.

  • you haven't found the right person for a long term relationship, and that's absolutely normal.

    you're still young and have plenty of time for finding one.

    • I may be youngish but I feel like I'm 30. Oy.

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    • basically, what I mean is if you want to find a good person, you should not only search for it but become better yourself to be more attractive to that special person. :)

    • Wow, great advice.

  • I think it's normal, at least for the people on this website. Honestly, I think many people have already been in a relationship by the time they are in their mid-20's but I think if your talking about long-term relationship than it's normal to have not been in one yet. I'm going to be 22 next month and I haven't even been in a short-term relationship let alone a long-term relationship. So I guess we're in the same boat. I haven't even been on a date before.

    • I'm sure you're just too special for most people.

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    • You don't want to date just anyone, that's all.

    • Oh I see. Well thank you then :) Funnily enough you're spot on about the not wanting to date just anyone. And it seems you are the same. So looks like you're too special for most people and all. I guess we are as special as each other then ;)

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  • yeah I feel like its really normal. a lot of people have had only short relationships and random dates here and there. some haven't even had that. I wouldn't be concerned.

  • hmmmm if that is what you want then off course its not normal, I am being logical here so I am sorry if I sound mean. It would be normal if you didn't want a relationship and just wanted to be single and have fun. I think this has to do a lot with your personality, guys like girls who are sure of themselves, are friendly, like to be out there and know what they like. I know that you are probably thinking yeah I get guys to ask me out but none of them want to have a relationship, they just want the goodies. I didn't think this was true but a lot of times, the quiet guys who are shy are the better boyfriends, or the ones who are nice and friendly with you but do not try to get physical. In some of those cases its a good idea to flirt with them, so they can trust you an open up.

    • Thanks. That's refreshingly helpful.

  • On this site, no. For the majority of people in the world, yes. You're a late bloomer and there's nothing wrong with that. Just be open to a relationship and working on yourself and you'll meet someone special. Or you could always try being proactive and pursuing guys.

    • Do you pursue guys?

    • Nope lol. That's why I suggest it and wasn't like YOU NEED TO INITIATE.

    • K.

  • it is normal now a days... I see a lot of my mid 20s something not ever have a relationship etc.

  • Add me to the list..longest rship has been 1 month and I'm in my early 20's also..i guess I'm pro at scaring the guys away!