Is it unusual to be in your mid-twenties and to have never been in a long term relationship?

Just wondering if I'm normal or abnormal. hah.

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  • Well I came up with my name a while ago, but it's still true now. Haven't had any real relationships. It's a matter of being shy and a matter of time. Was busy in school and now I'm busy with work

    A short term relationship isn't all that bad. It means you aren't wasting time with someone who isn't compatible. It gives you less time to get attached and get hurt if things go badly. The basic thing is as long as you're taking away some idea what you want and don't want from each relationship you have, then you're getting what you should out of each one. Then when you find someone who fits all those wants and don't wants you can have the long term relationship.

    • Do I have to write down those wants and don't wants, or do you think they will be remembered? haha

    • {jw. not trying to poke fun}

    • I think you'll likely to remember them. But some people do keep a list of what they most have in a relationship and some general guide lines they follow. I personally never tried to get overly specific about what I was looking for and do the "list" mentally.