My boyfriend likes to go several days without talking to me.

My boyfriend likes to go several days without talking to me. He doesn't have a cellphone, or a car, or a computer. He has a home phone and a job. He lives in down town Chicago and I live about 30-45 minutes away from there. Our first month of dating he didn't talk to me for nine days straight and... Show More

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  • I am in a long distance relationship as well, and he is very busy as is frustrating when he doesn't touch base for days! I know how you feel. I am sorry you are not feeling good right now, weirdly, this past year has tough for me too, health wise.

    Before you dump him, perhaps suggest the cell phone he gets lets him I'm you.(instant message) We have found that to be very helpful, as some guys are not 'talkers', and feel sort of 'talked out' when we may not have even got started! I believe gmail and of course yahoo have nice im-ing. pics are nice to send via cell too. It also lets him contact you, and have freedom from verbal if he is in a rush-and you feel better having a little 'hello' in your day. Or simple old txting is great. BlackBerries and others are cool to use for lots of txting, etc.

    Of course, if he just doesn't give you the communication you long for, in the long run-you are deserving of a guy who will connect with you the way you need and want. Please feel better soon, hugs~ >';'< meow grrl power!

    • heheh thanks so much! that was the EXACT answer I was looking for! I didn't want to dump him because I love him and you can't just let go of someone you love with just the snap of your fingers. thank you so much and I hope you feel better too *hugs!*

    • I agree;dumping isn't just a 'k, I dumped him now I feel super better", tho that would be nice-if it is indeed time to dump.Love is deep,notsuperficial

      You have put time into your relationship &trying different angles &directions help you feel like you know you did your best-if that didn't help,then ok...waaa dump time. Having been in a very long term relationship before this current one I'm in, I know relationships shift and grow, sort of like a garden. ups downs, in betweens... >';'< LOL~