What does it mean when a guy uses your name a lot?

like I talk to this guy and he always says "good night sam" when we're logging offline just curious if that means anything?


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  • It means he thinks well enough of you to want to be personal. He probably is just being nice. If you like him, keep on the lookout for other signals. Your name on its own doesn't mean too much.

    • what about saying he enjoys talking to me and he asked me to get something to eat with him and we're going to go tomorrow night? lol

    • Well then what's the question for? He's trying to make you feel connected and special to him. Lol, have a good time he sounds like a nice guy.

What Girls Said 1

  • It means he likes you as a person,as a friend. He just acknowledging you.There isn't much indication that would say it's something more.