I've never had a long-term relationship...why?

It has never made too much sense to me... I'm 40 - I've been wanting a girlfriend since 8th grade. As incredible as this sounds (particularly to younger readers), it's the truth. Maybe I'm too picky, but I'm not sure that's it. I have had some short relationships (usually a month or two) before I... Show More

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  • It definitely seems like you need to change your approach with women. Trying to hold back and jump in 100% right away would probably be a good idea. It may sound cliched, but most women want to feel like they have to work a little bit to get you. If you are just immediately completely available and accommodating, they tend to lose interest and/or get annoyed.

    I would also suggest seeing a therapist to work on your self-confidence/esteem issues. That is probably a big part of what is holding you back. You won't be alone forever if you don't want to be. You just need to work on yourself a little before trying to dive into another relationship.

    • Thanks for the comment.

      I've had a history of being too available. I guess it's sort of like the economic rules of supply and demand- the more something is readily available...the less value it has; the more scarce something is...the more valuable it is.

      It's interesting because if I acted that way with my clients or my friends...I'd loose business and friends. I have to learn to change my behavior when it comes to dating.

      I've never been a game-player, but acting desparate isn't good