Why do young girls like older men?

im talking about high school girls going with older guys. what's the deal?

when I was in high school it was hard to get a girl my age. and it still is.

and now I get attention from high school girls and I'm loving it, but I don't want people to think less of me if I date a young girl.

"take note I'm not trying to offend any young girls."

how do you view the situation of a young girl with an older guy?

y do you girls choose older guys?

help me out here please.


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  • it s due to a combination of guys being lazy and girls allowing themselves to be gullible.

    An older guy has, more money, a car, more free time (no home work and no parents saying what time he has to be back home.) He is also more likely to be able to get hold of beer. Older guys also look more like men that the spotty boys at school, so have that robbie williams (or similar modern day equal) look that girls like. There is also the notability factor. Girls see boys at school all the time, but someone they meet when their out and about is more exciting.

    Older guys tend to go for younger girls cause their a soft target. They are easily impressed. They pander to your ego. In contrast older girls won't do this meaning their more work. Also if you are immature then you don't need to think about growing up. Also if your not that sexually experienced or have insecurities about your own performance then you can take comfort in the fact that a totally inexperienced younger girl won't now how crap you are. So it men can go after younger girls to cover sexual insecurity.

    how do I view a situation of young girl with an older guy?

    I think the girl imagines her self to hot and mature because she's got an older guy but the reality is she's dating a loser.

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      Its sad really....especially when those "losers" are only after one thing....then you see so many 13-15yr olds pregnant and crap and its just plain wrong....especially around where I used to goto college, 7 of my classmates had a younger cousin or sister UNDER age 15, youngest was 13, pregnant to guys, the youngest being 23, oldest being I think it was 27......