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How do I get rid of that nervous butterfly feeling when I'm about to see my boyfriend?

me and my boyfriend have been together for six months. Every time I see I always get a really bad stomach ache from nerves. How do I make this go... Show More

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  • I've been dating mine almost a year and I STILL get that feeling :)

  • you are strange when I was with my ex even after 3 of being in a serious relationship I still got that feeling although I saw him everyday and I loved it you shouldn't want to get rid of that feeling

  • How often do you see this person? The longer you're in a relationship the more comfortable you should become with that person. It strikes me as odd that you still have butterflies after 6 months.

    • He lives 45 minutes away and niether of us have our lisence to drive. we're lucky if we see each other twice a month.

  • You shouldn't want to get rid of those feelings. That nervous feeling, the butterflies in your gut means you're attracted to him in a nervous sort of way. It shows you have chemistry so don't be worried about it.Of course if you literally feel sick then you might have stomach problems and need to learn how to cope with stress and relax.

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