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Why do guys love to hunt and fish?

Why do guys love to hunt and fish?

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  • It's like asking why do girls like to put finger polish on and dress up, it's what guys find fun and are attracted too as the first girl said!

    when thinking about such things like this you can partly relate with why guys watch bloody movies and etc. and the second girl is just going a little off the road seriously makes them seem in control??

    It's always fun to do something by your own hands like let's say cooking deer. You can say I shot that, I skinned it and I cooked it. its like working out makes you feel good about yourself!

What Guys Said 10

  • First and for most its for the DEC to keep down the deer population and keep our land and lakes conserved so future generations can enjoy it.

    second its a great place to go to get in touch with your inner self and mind, to think out what ever you would like to without being interrupted by anyone but nature. you would be amazed at how your body senses wake up,your hearing, smelling, site and touch they all come alive and into play when your out there, its a very peaceful feeling.

    not to mention that its fun to share with family and friends.

  • It's relaxing. you don't have to worry about the phone ringing, you don't have to put up with anyones b.s., it gives you time to think about stuff, it's fun, and it's a way to get away from your girlfriend for a little while without them thinking your cheating.

  • Because some us like to do stuff with other guys that's not considered homo or gay. It's also pretty fun to hunt and fish. I feel more manly knowing that I'm eating something that I killed.

  • Marinezen...you just hit on the greatest question in the world for real men. If every woman actually asked this question to their man there would be peace on earth...plus you would get destroyed in the bedroom every night. Sorry, but I meant that in a good way. The problem is not enough people or women ask this question and there lays the problem. We hunt and fish because nobody understands or asks why we hunt and fish. I guess we dislike what the world is becoming...materialistic and shallow. Hunters and fishermen make up a fairly small proportion of todays population but we are the "Warrior Spartans" of today. This might seem crazy but we hunt and fish because we "love" more about this world than ourselves and we wish everyone did as well. Fish on!

  • Because we love freedom.

  • Its not about control, its just about getting outside and just having fun with friends. We like a challenge to and its fun to see what you come up with when you fish. It also gets away from the stress of everyday life, its great to get away once in awhile :).

  • Not all guys do, but for the ones that do, it's a good way to find yourself that has been dumbed down by high tech rifles, rednecks, and protesters. way before there were grocery stores, the men had to hunt to provide for their families. while that is no longer the case, lots of people still use it for the psychological benefits.

  • It's a way to relax without feeling completely useless.

  • Because it is so awful girls don't want to do it. It's a great way to buy some free time from the nagging and BS that we deal with everyday.

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  • Because it's fun!Walking through the woods, waiting until the big one comes.The one you've been waiting all season fro.if ya grew up around here you would understand cause it doesn't matter who you are You're gonna do it.Cause if you work on the farm, mud run,know the woods like ya'll know you're favorite candy, it's what you do.When you build the deer stand and get up there and wait for the big beast to come along the first thing you do is pull the trigger.

  • Because most guys want to seem in control of something.

  • Because it has been the male's role since the dawn of man

  • Why do we like to shop and do other things?

    Because it interests us and keeps us entertained. - Same goes for guys.

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