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Hot guy in leather pants?

What do you ladies think? I'm talking about pretty tight leather pants, black boots and a graphic tee.

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  • no. just no. that's wrong in so many ways

What Girls Said 11

  • Undateable.

  • No, leather pants are usually not a good look on anyone. Personally I think you shouldn't wear leather (or even fake leather) for moral reasons.

  • lether pants are a no unless you drive a moterbike

  • i'd have to say no to moose knuckles.

  • sounds kinda tacky to honest.. I think you should switch the leather pants for some levis and wear a leather jacket

  • napppay

  • In most cases unless you are Steven Tyler,Mick Jagger or one of those guys...NO.

  • Try this one. and I apologize but this is the 'shallowness' in me coming out...but I can assure you that its all just about imagary.

    Nicely built guy, not too muscley, just right. tight leather pants/trousers, and a white shirt, where the top buttons are undone...and he got boots on his feet...yummmmy...

    It would be like if you could imagine this.

    Woman, long brunette hair, tight leather pants, revealing vest top, and knee high boots...like the sound of that?...

    • i like the way you think. so is that an outfit you would wear?

  • I would also assume he was gay. Leather pants...very 80's! sorry X

  • I would assume he's gay on first impression.

What Guys Said 1

  • 'Graphic tee' doesn't grab me. The bottom half would be cool if it had something cool to go with it - you can't half ass sh*t like that.

    • What that dude said.

    • Hahaha...straight to the point advice.

    • =]

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