Why do people chase after people who don't want a relationship? why don't you just accept you want diff things

fear of commitment afraid of being hurt difficulty trusting- call it what you will. but of you want a relationship & they do not, then not only do they not want one but you two are bot compatible. its like you have completely different ways of dealing with reality. you dive in they avoid. so leave them alone. don't be mad, just recognize your differences & find a diver. Would you go diving with someone who liked to swim & get mad when they didn't want to jump- no that would be absurd. & it doesn't matter if you are waiting for so long. people can FEEL when you want something- its emotions they respond to in intimacy- not words. So it will still feel like jumping even if you feel to them ,like nothing is moving forward or you're being patient etc.

I'm not asking if you think they'll give in or come around, I'm asking why you don't leave them alone to be comfortable by themselves- maybe they will not be as comfortable as they think. As long as people who are 'not ready' have people hanging around just in case -they never have to be ready.. or realize they didn't want to be alone all the time. I think its respectful to yourself & them to take them seriously. Someone snt ready leave them alone find someone who is -IF that's what YOU want. Or just enjoy time to do w/e you want.

bottom line. people who WANT a relationship should be with people who WANT a relationship. people who dot should have their own space. why force something that demeans everyone involved( because of the conflicting preference- making it seem as if one or the other is flawed? its just different not flawed & it isn't something you can argue your way into or out of. feelings are just that. you can't be right or wrong- just you.


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  • i don't f*** around like that at all, a womens lifestyle before she meets me tells me what she's good for in life and what she wants if she can be trusted if she's putting on an act I don't fall for words

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      good. You'll have a longer life:)

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      how so people that are married live longer