Is it okay for a boyfriend to call another girl pretty?

so I had to figure out if my boyfriend was going behind my back about sh*t so I had my friend make a fake fb and she was talking to him saying how good looking his is and such and he's like yeah your very pretty.

is that okay for a guy to do? when he bitches at me all the time for talking to guys?


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  • Well here's the thing You initiated the problem! You had your friend tell him he was good looking blah blah blah. What do you expect him to say back?!?! "o how's the weather?" not gonna happen. Any guy (decently nice at least) will tell any girl she is pretty too. To answer your question though, no its not a problem. My girlfriend says o he looks good or he is handsome and I just don't even think about it. When I see a girl that is grossly hotter than her I make sure she knows it. We do it out of fun just because were so comfortable with each other. Anyways don't worry about it and stop trying to trap your boyfriend you obviously don't trust him so why are you with him.

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      i think I did it because he use to date my cousin and he cheated on her and all the girls he's been with. and its kinda hard to trust people in a long distance relationship. I love him and such but I just feel like I'm not good enough for him in the good looking department.

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      He cheated on her but did he ever cheat on you? you started dating him already knowing he had cheated before but were/are willing to take a chance on him so trust him until he gives you a direct reason to think otherwise. I was in a long distance relationship for four years of college and I went to a school where there are a lot of hot slutty girls and I didn't cheat. Very tempted to and almost did on more than one occasion but in the end I didn't. just relax and show some faith in him