Is it okay for a boyfriend to call another girl pretty?

so I had to figure out if my boyfriend was going behind my back about sh*t so I had my friend make a fake fb and she was talking to him saying how good looking his is and such and he's like yeah your very pretty.

is that okay for a guy to do? when he bitches at me all the time for talking to guys?


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  • Well here's the thing You initiated the problem! You had your friend tell him he was good looking blah blah blah. What do you expect him to say back?!?! "o how's the weather?" not gonna happen. Any guy (decently nice at least) will tell any girl she is pretty too. To answer your question though, no its not a problem. My girlfriend says o he looks good or he is handsome and I just don't even think about it. When I see a girl that is grossly hotter than her I make sure she knows it. We do it out of fun just because were so comfortable with each other. Anyways don't worry about it and stop trying to trap your boyfriend you obviously don't trust him so why are you with him.

    • i think I did it because he use to date my cousin and he cheated on her and all the girls he's been with. and its kinda hard to trust people in a long distance relationship. I love him and such but I just feel like I'm not good enough for him in the good looking department.

    • He cheated on her but did he ever cheat on you? you started dating him already knowing he had cheated before but were/are willing to take a chance on him so trust him until he gives you a direct reason to think otherwise. I was in a long distance relationship for four years of college and I went to a school where there are a lot of hot slutty girls and I didn't cheat. Very tempted to and almost did on more than one occasion but in the end I didn't. just relax and show some faith in him

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  • your just being insecure its fine. I don't mind if my girl thinks another guys hot. because I know I can trust her

  • eh that's just dirty... because you setup the trap for him to fall for it...

    75% of men will cheat on there girlfriend. with the opportunity being open like that...

    even if your dating someone hot. another hotty comes around saying this and that...

    its gonna happen. building your own dilemma and making the situation bigger then it is..

    • so your saying he will most likely cheat on me? and we are already long distance and sh*t and that already bugs me. I just don't understand when he says he won't ever talk to another girl and sh*t and then does that.

  • I'd hate to have a girlfriend who didn't trust me.

  • its OK now is it OK with you?


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  • It is normal to think one is pretty..however, it is not right to stare or "check" out others and make perve comments. Or to tell other girls they are pretty. Unless, he just felt bad and didn't want to ignore her comment. It's probably harmless. I doubt he'd do it in front of you. And, if he did, then I'd be upset.

  • pretty yes, sexy, hot no.

  • I feel for you there. He's not quite cheating but stuff like that can still make you feel insecure in a relationship. My boyfriend actually said a girl was hot in front of me and I just didn't know what to think. I suggest you just talk to him and tell him how this is making you feel.

    • i would get upset too..i think its disrespectful to do that and say that to us

    • I think it has nothing to do with him calling her pretty just worrying about what hell do next

  • Yeah, if it's set up like that it is. Your friend told him he was good looking, out of a feeling of obligation (most likely) he told her back.

    what I can't believe is you set it up. :/ Low trust like that isn't good. Not at all.

  • honestly it was a pretty innocent comment, but if you distrust him this much you should just end things. this sounds all very insecure and immature to me on both of your sides with him not wanting you to talk to guys and you setting up fake face book accounts. this is no way to live. :\

  • That is hardly the fair thing to do. I think it would have been fairer to see if HE initiated the conversations that way but he didn't. YOU did. You lied to him. And saying someone is pretty is perfectly harmless unless he's planning to act on the flirting. (which from the sounds he isnt)

    And you obviously aren't very trusting of your boyfriend anyway so why would he trust you talking to guys?