Signs that she is not interested?

I'm asking girls but guys too I guess. What are some clear signs that you give a guy that you don't really feel the same way about him and that you don't think that the relationship should go on. The reason I'm asking is because my girlfriend is having a hard time and I'm scared I'm going to lose her.


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  • I'm going through this right now. I've been dating someone for 3 months and realized how horribly insecure and smothering he is. He is also always available and toooo nice in a way that is even more insecure. Anyhow, here is where I'm at and I want to tell him as soon as I can, but crap, I hate confrontation.

    1. I stop texting and calling and only respond with one word answers

    2. I don't do or say fun or sexy things anymore

    3. I won't hold his hand

    4. I'll avoid Sleeping with him or if I do, I need to be drunk

    5. I hardly return texts

    6. While he's attractive and nice, Everything he does gets on my nerves

    7. I don't invite him out with friends and make more time for my friends

    8. I don't ask him to do anything and make excuses when he asks

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      Wow I sound like your boyfriend, I just got dumped, how depressing

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      Im going out with this girl who is doing exactly the same thing.

      it makes me feel so insecure and like sh*t. I ask what's wrong and if I have done something to change how she feels about me but nothing. just less texts, short answers, spending almost no time with me.

      i hope there are girls out there who don't act like this. if something is wrong, just tell the guy. sont be all codeish and hope they pick up on it.

      nice job...

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