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Why do guys take hours or a day to reply back to a text?

For example, I reply to his text at around 4ish and he would reply back at 8 or something or the next day in the morning at a certain time either at 6am or 11am. but what confuses me most is when we text, he replies back within a minute or two. he uses a lot of smiley faces and what not. the second time we got together, he wouldn't stop asking me questions about guys, boyfriends, what I do, if I have a boyfriend, and that I'm cute and get all the guys, my religion, etc. he even mentioned that there's a guy checking me out and he asked if I knew him or not. he told me his schedule and he works from 9am to 2 and from 4pm to 7pm. also, he's almost 6 years older then me. any opinions are helpful thank you:)

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  • Oh god I know exactly what you mean.. This guy gave me his number a week ago. I texted him the day after and we were flirting with each other the whole night. Now I'm usually the one who texts him first and he'll text me for an hr then he won't bother saying bye, he'll leave me a late morning text at like 2am or sometime the next day. I gotta admit if does get pretty annoying and you might feel paranoid. You'll eventually get used to it, just know that everyone has a life. Not everyone (especially guys) will have their phone right beside them all the time unlike most girls. Just be patient and ask him to hang out if you really wanna talk to him. Good luck :)

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  • sometimes we have more important sh*t to do

  • A lot of the time I just don't have my phone on me, and don't check it constantly. I'll check when I'm around it, but its not attached to me. This might be what's going on, especially if he's older than you and might not be super attached to his cell like the young generations

  • Either he's busy or he's playing hard to get

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  • hes busyyyyyy

  • Oh boy, I wish I knew! the guy I like hasn't even replied to any of my message and it has been about a month :(

    • a month? that's crazzy of him to do that! move on to a better guy

    • I wish I could! It's not that easy :(. I'm working on it tho!

  • People get busy, don't be offended or clingy. Just continue on with your life while you aren't texting back and forth. Waiting around is useless.