Why do women always reject me?

Hi I'm 16 and in high school, and it seems no matter how hard I try women all over don't seem to like me. I'm not a jerk I'm nice and polite I'm not fat but not creepy skinny I'm not the best looking guy out there but I'm better than the guys they mostly go after, I always try to take it slow like maybe first hanging out with some friends then maybe a movie together(I pay for everything) but after that it never works. I guess it's true nice guys really do finish last...


Most Helpful Guy

  • The clue is in your own question. You're trying too hard. And making basic beginner mistakes like paying for everything. Let me guess, you don't have an older brother or a father who taught you the basics of how to deal with girls?

    Nice guys don't always finish last. Whiny complaining guys do. And I don't think you're one of them yet.

    If you can make some basic changes in how you approach girls, I think you'll be fine.