Why do women always reject me?

Hi I'm 16 and in high school, and it seems no matter how hard I try women all over don't seem to like me. I'm not a jerk I'm nice and polite I'm not fat but not creepy skinny I'm not the best looking guy out there but I'm better than the guys they mostly go after, I always try to take it slow like maybe first hanging out with some friends then maybe a movie together(I pay for everything) but after that it never works. I guess it's true nice guys really do finish last...


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  • The clue is in your own question. You're trying too hard. And making basic beginner mistakes like paying for everything. Let me guess, you don't have an older brother or a father who taught you the basics of how to deal with girls?

    Nice guys don't always finish last. Whiny complaining guys do. And I don't think you're one of them yet.

    If you can make some basic changes in how you approach girls, I think you'll be fine.


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  • Aww... Don't worry the same thing is going on for me. Just don't make a big deal out of it be yourself and you'll find someone special =) just enjoy life you don't need a girl to complete your life... Trust me were BITCHES! Haha I hope this helped! =) good luck <33

  • It's not about how nice you are or if you're a bad boy. Its about personality...if you're boring we don't care how nice you are. Try doing something different on a date or "hangout" with a girl, like hiking, swimming, seeing a concert or just simply taking her to a video store and watch movies all night at your place.


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  • No, nice guys don't always finish last. But boring guys do. So you have to be confident, exciting, have a great sense of humor, a little adventurous.

    How is your confidence?

    • i agree, his confidence is probably sh*t since he stated "women all over don't seem to like me"

  • Hop on the back of the bad boys car and pick up the girl while hey focus on driving

  • Yees, nice guys DO finish last.

    Do this:


    This is a turn on for most teen girls.