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If a man says "I love you" after sex, what does he mean?

He's a man I've known not for long, but as he said himself, "we clicked very quickly", I think there is not only sexual attraction between us, but... Show More

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  • He was caught in the moment and uttered those words out of emotion.

    Love is something that should be judged from one's actions and not taken literally when spoken verbally.

    I and many other of my guy friends have uttered those words after sex with girls who we really barely knew.

    Don't read into it.

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  • It COULD mean many things, but his taking it BACK is a lot colder than never saying it in the first place. It shows he doesn't care.

    Yes, he's had many women, so many he forgets his lines sometimes!

    In this case at least 6 years is too much. Don't waste more time and energy on him not to mention the damage to your reputation, even in these times.

  • He means that he's had a good time and will look forward to the next possibility to have sex -- with you, or with anyone that catches his fancy.

  • after sex. you did say after and not before. girl its probobly the real deal. and if he drew back on it he may thought it to soon to tell you. but he is definitly thinking it. that's great news. know make sure you love him back. :) LA LA LA :) :) WHAT AM I DOING IM A GUY. LOL

  • It more likely means he loved the sex!

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