If a man says "I love you" after sex, what does he mean?

He's a man I've known not for long, but as he said himself, "we clicked very quickly",

I think there is not only sexual attraction between us, but more, both of us would enjoy our conversations. We have conversations about serious topics, we also have light conversations that make both of us laugh.

He kisses my forehead a lot, when we hanging out, before and after having sex.

yesterday after we had sex, he kissed my shoulder then said "I love you", I was still dazed, without thinking I replied him "I love you too", then I realized what he just said, then I quickly asked him "what did you say?" After several seconds, he said "nothing, I said I love your ***"

What does he mean?

He is 27 years old, and I'm 6 years younger than him.

I know he had many girlfriends and women, but I'm sure that he is a very good person.

It's just the first time we "going out", but it was for the weekend,

and it's not the first time we had sex. but it was the second day since we first had sex.


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  • He was caught in the moment and uttered those words out of emotion.

    Love is something that should be judged from one's actions and not taken literally when spoken verbally.

    I and many other of my guy friends have uttered those words after sex with girls who we really barely knew.

    Don't read into it.

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      This just show YOU are not a man a man but a pig with no respect for women. Caught in the moment you don't say I LOVE YOU. Only if you are a player.