Why do girls say they have a boyfriend when they don't?

why do some girls say they have a boyfriend when they don't ...i meet this girl and I knew she wanted me Because her friends told me she really likes me, she calls and text all the time but keeps say she has a boyfriend and I know she's full of sh*t but I also won't say I know you don't have a boyfriend to her I just go along with it ...so my question is why do girls say they have a boyfriend, did they get this advice from some girl magazine hmm?

The update is she is keeen and always was, always asking me to go see her


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  • Women can be nasty pieces of work lol, many times more deadly than male!

    If your possitive she doesn't have a boyfriend then she's doing it to keep you keen obviousley... people want what they can't have, human nature. Her reasons for keeping you keen?...

    1) Actually does like u, the constant 'boyfriend' teasing is keeping you keen (and it is isn't it?)

    2) She's a typical attention vampire, some girls will happily string boys along purely for attention. If she is doing this and you find out, spit in her face for your own sake and then spit in it again on my behalf! PASSIONATELY DESPISE these people, no need at all!

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  • I know a couple people who do this. But, some reasons maybe that she's just playing ya (harsh, I know). She could also just be doing it for the attention (which friends are always willing to help out with). Or maybe she's just not ready to have a boyfriend, so she says she has one to keep guys away (even though she flirts). Those are just some possibilities, but I'm sure there are many more. Hope I helped!

    P.S. The 'girl magazines' I read actually advise against this lol. Jus' sayin :)

  • When I was younger I used to tell guys I had a boyfriend when I wasn't interested in them. It just seemed like the easiest way to let them know I wasn't interested. I doubt a girl says she's got a boyfriend to a guy she likes, unless she wants to perhaps see his reaction or test him. But you say she keeps saying it so I doubt it's that.

  • Guess she wanted you to chase after her eh? lol

  • Girls usually say that to get rid of the guys they don't feel attracted to :) or just trying to make you jealous.

  • I have no fricking clue. why is she pretending?


    maybe it's just her way of getting you jealous. and to me it's a stupid idea.

    I don't read girl magazines. gawd. but it's lame if she's taking it as advice from one of her friends. some girls have dumb friends so who knows. who knows.

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  • b/c she's full of crap, and scary...

  • Sorry dude not to be mean or anything but it sounds to me like her and her friends are playing some really sick game with you like a bet or something.

  • I don't have such a big issue with this. The bigger problem...why do some girls not say they have a boyfriend when they do.