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Why do girls say they have a boyfriend when they don't?

why do some girls say they have a boyfriend when they don't ...i meet this girl and I knew she wanted me Because her friends told me she really... Show More

The update is she is keeen and always was, always asking me to go see her

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  • Women can be nasty pieces of work lol, many times more deadly than male!

    If your possitive she doesn't have a boyfriend then she's doing it to keep you keen obviousley... people want what they can't have, human nature. Her reasons for keeping you keen?...

    1) Actually does like u, the constant 'boyfriend' teasing is keeping you keen (and it is isn't it?)

    2) She's a typical attention vampire, some girls will happily string boys along purely for attention. If she is doing this and you find out, spit in her face for your own sake and then spit in it again on my behalf! PASSIONATELY DESPISE these people, no need at all!

What Girls Said 25

  • I have no fricking clue. why is she pretending?


    maybe it's just her way of getting you jealous. and to me it's a stupid idea.

    I don't read girl magazines. gawd. but it's lame if she's taking it as advice from one of her friends. some girls have dumb friends so who knows. who knows.

  • to get away from a guy they don't like

  • Guess she wanted you to chase after her eh? lol

  • When I was younger I used to tell guys I had a boyfriend when I wasn't interested in them. It just seemed like the easiest way to let them know I wasn't interested. I doubt a girl says she's got a boyfriend to a guy she likes, unless she wants to perhaps see his reaction or test him. But you say she keeps saying it so I doubt it's that.

  • Girls usually say that to get rid of the guys they don't feel attracted to :) or just trying to make you jealous.

  • it's because they actually don't like you and they say that they are unavailable so you won't pursue them

  • Well in some cases the girl can be misled by some guy and maybe "thinks" he's her boyfriend. It happens.

  • Usually we say we have a boyfriend as a way to fend off whoever might be hitting on us at the moment. It's a great way to introduce guy friends to creepy-stalker-guys..."This is Mark, my boyfriend..." while 'Mark' is actually just your pal. I have never actually done this but I've been tempted a few times. I don't know about your situation though, seems strange.

  • There have been studies done that when a guy/girl tells the opposite sex that they are taken that person actually increases their brain waves. So there's a chance she's told you that before to get you interested and now she doesn't know how to tell you she was lying from the get go.

  • I know a couple people who do this. But, some reasons maybe that she's just playing ya (harsh, I know). She could also just be doing it for the attention (which friends are always willing to help out with). Or maybe she's just not ready to have a boyfriend, so she says she has one to keep guys away (even though she flirts). Those are just some possibilities, but I'm sure there are many more. Hope I helped!

    P.S. The 'girl magazines' I read actually advise against this lol. Jus' sayin :)

  • I know I say I have a boyfriend when I don't so guys won't try to talk to me.

  • If she does have a BF, then she's a skank for doing what she's doing behind his back. Maybe she does have one, but also enjoys talking to you. And if she starts to like you more, she will dump her boyfriend. Do you really want a girl like that? And if she really doesn't have a BF, then she's keeping you at arms length for some reason. Maybe because she hasn't decided if she really likes you yet. Maybe she's afraid to jump into a relationship. But, why would she flirt with you and say she has a boyfriend? Doesn't she know how that makes her look? Like someone you can't trust. I'd find another.

  • i've never done it but it's a kinda nice wy of saying that theyseted other girls say it because they hink it'll make them seem more desireable

  • Aha, good question.

    Well, there are a LOT of creeps out there, and girls who tend to get a lot of attention end up either dressing in a dumpy manner or slapping a band on their finger to ward away the flocks of guys.

    For a while after I turned 18, I was in an environment where guys just really started approaching me all the time. It was pretty overwhelming so I kept a wedding band on my finger. I just didn't want that sort of attention from any guy at all. Afterwards I moved to a different location and wasn't really around the same types of people, so I stopped using the ring. I was also in a better position in life to consider a relationship.

  • Because they feel bad saying no when you ask them out, so they lie & say they have a boyfriend to spare you feelings.

  • not to look like a loser :D

  • I have used this line before, I only use it when I don't find the guy attractive. For instance, I'm at the bar and a guy is hitting on me and I don't find him attractive I just tell him I have a boyfriend, it keeps them away. I don't say I have a Boyfriend when I like the guy!, maybe she has some mixed feelings. Once, I told the guy that I liked , I'd a Boyfriend and I just did it because I thought he would try harder..you know..like ask me out etc, the only thing I accomplished was pushing the guy away, now he's happily married to someone else and not me :(

    ask her to go on a "double date" and if she makes an excuse saying her Boyfriend can't make it, then you will know for sure she doesn't have a BF.

  • May be her friends are just saying she likes you so you can make a ass out of your self and get your hopes up because girls do do that some times just to laught at you. Or she might be to shy to do anything about it but I wish you luck.

  • My best friend does this all the time, she says its because she think the guy will want her more because she is "untouchable" then again I did it once just because I did NOT want to go out with him

  • Because they want to let you down easily...

  • She probably just wants to stay friends. Or she really does like you and doesn't no how to deal with it.

  • Because we feel mean telling someone, no, when they ask us out, so we just tell them we have a boyfriend & that doesn't sound as rude. Plus, it will hurt your feelings less because you don't have to feel like you were rejected for being yourself, instead it's just because of the circumstances.

  • Because they feel like a loser because they are alone

    Because a guy is interested in them & they don't feel the same way back

  • She's may not be interested in you anymore or she could be trying to make you jealous? Try to forget about her and maybe she'll contact you once she notices you're no longer paying her any attention.

  • Why some girls say they have a boyfriend when they don't, and some don't tell you when they do.. basically why some girls are just dishonest varies. Some people just find lying easier than the truth.. usually in your case it would be either so you don't approach her or because she thinks it makes her more appealing.

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  • b/c she's full of crap, and scary...

  • Sorry dude not to be mean or anything but it sounds to me like her and her friends are playing some really sick game with you like a bet or something.

  • I don't have such a big issue with this. The bigger problem...why do some girls not say they have a boyfriend when they do.

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