Why do girls say they have a boyfriend when they don't?

why do some girls say they have a boyfriend when they don't ...i meet this girl and I knew she wanted me Because her friends told me she really likes me, she calls and text all the time but keeps say she has a boyfriend and I know she's full of sh*t but I also won't say I know you don't have a boyfriend to her I just go along with it ...so my question is why do girls say they have a boyfriend, did they get this advice from some girl magazine hmm?

The update is she is keeen and always was, always asking me to go see her


Most Helpful Guy

  • Women can be nasty pieces of work lol, many times more deadly than male!

    If your possitive she doesn't have a boyfriend then she's doing it to keep you keen obviousley... people want what they can't have, human nature. Her reasons for keeping you keen?...

    1) Actually does like u, the constant 'boyfriend' teasing is keeping you keen (and it is isn't it?)

    2) She's a typical attention vampire, some girls will happily string boys along purely for attention. If she is doing this and you find out, spit in her face for your own sake and then spit in it again on my behalf! PASSIONATELY DESPISE these people, no need at all!