Why do women like their boyfriends best friends?

i just saw a girl who is with her boyfriend but she likes his best friend. if girls want guys who are faithful. why shouldn't a girl be faithful?



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  • well all my best friends have been guys lol but no I've never liked any of my girlfriends boyfriends, I didn't even look at them in that way is basically a respect thing if he's my gf's boyfriend then he's completely outta the picture for me. My girlfriends & I don't date each others' ex or even guys we've dated its just a No No for us. There are plenty of men out there so I just don't see why some girls have the need to go out with their girlfriend's ex, that'll put a lotta stress in between you & your girlfriend & to me my friend's are worth more than any of their ex lol

    • there we go, that's the right answer or the MATURE answer. thank you

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    • checked good lol & not that's not what I'm saying because although I'm not gonna be extremely sexual with any random guy, I'm also not a saint hehehe (evil laughter lol) and oh no I get plenty of dates, sometimes too much more than I'd wish for really. The only reason why I'm really single is because I guess idt always give guys a chance (my friends say I'm a coldhearted bitch hahahah) and because I'm really not interested in 1 @ the moment to be honest with you,but if it happens it happens Idt really sweat it lol

    • seem to be into me. keeping this convo going. :D

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  • Mmm, is the boyfriend better looking/more social/confidant than the best friend? She might have fallen in love with her boyfriend's first impression, but the best friend may have stolen her heart over time.

    • that friend isn't a very good friend to her boyfriend. guys don't go behind other guys backs like that. it ain't cool

    • He might not have meant to or did it intentionally. Girls can fall in love over the simplest things; it could simply be that he's such a great and caring guy in general, maybe her boyfriend treats her like sh*t but his best friend always had to pick up the pieces, maybe the best friend is simply unfortunate enough to not be good looking but has the heart of gold with a great sense of humor and he grew on her eventually. Who knows.

    • or maybe she fell for her boyfriend in the wrong kind of way. just like the best friend. she's just confused, if she's a good person/girl, she'll stay

  • Some girls unfortunately may try and somehow stay with one guy in an attempt to get to another which is shady and disgusting behavior.Not all girls are like that however.

    • and they blame guys for being immature...lol

    • Yeah it is quite immature and sad actually...

  • Two people are best friends because they have a lot in common and are very similar. When the typical person falls for a best friend of their partner, its like another version of what you have. All the traits you go for but in a different outer shell so its like a shiny new toy of what you already like.

    • kinda like how guys like when girls come up with new sex techniques. its like a kid in a toy shop, always wanting to play with the newest thing even if its just remodeled

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    • haha I hope you didn't think I was saying I have no morals... I do! But not all girls do is what I meant

    • haha I know that now. :D

  • Yeah they like them. Why wouldn't they like them if they're good people?

    Isn't it a bonus to get along with whoever your boyfriend finds closest to him?

    ...and no, I've never been attracted to my boyfriend's friend/s.

    Why would one girl be your generalization of the whole female population?

    That's absurd.

    • because theyre in a committed relationship and it can be seen as cheating..

      yes, but to an extend

      no, one girl doesn't speak for all girls but..it happens

  • LMFAOOOOOOOO IK dude we've kept this for a while! and well you seem like a nice & funny guy, by the way I'm coldhearted but I'm really a sweety pie, a key lime sweety pie hahahahahaah

    • I LOVEEEEEEEEE key lime, OMG, now I need to go get some haha

      hey, I'm gonna send you a message. hopefully you'll reply

    • I did hahahahahaha

  • Not every girl likes their bf's best friend...As for girl being faithful: well some girls are just as bad as some guys are...Every person is different. Both people should be faithful in the relationship.Unfortunately, that's not always the case. I, personally, will never cheat if in a relationship.If the best friend of the boyfriend is his actual best friend then the girl is just wasting her time and stupid. He wouldn't go for her...well he might if he's a bad friend.

  • One girl does not represent all women and it would be ignorant to think that one girl would. That's like me asking: Why do all men ask stupid questions?. Neither has any basis in reality.

  • Everybody wants somebody faithful, but a lot of people are hypocritical. Or they just want to be faithful with somebody else. And a lot of the time, girls like their guys friends because they have a lot in common with their boyfriend, and they don't know Best Friend enough to notice his flaws, so he looks like the ideal version of their boyfriend. Or, maybe, she DOESN'T like her boyfriend's best friend, she just thinks he's nice and enjoys his company. And there's a difference.

  • Women who like their boyfriends best friends are pathetic and the best friends that go off with them were never friends in the first instance!

  • People fall out of love, it isn't a crime. Maybe because he's the best friend he they spend a lot of time with him, and she just kind of fell for him. But, I also think more sympathy goes out to women who are cheated on, opposed to men being cheated on. Why? I have no clue...

    • its a double standard. if she wants her boyfriend, she should be faithful. not because she likes another. that shows me she's unstable and wouldn't be able to hold a relationship if I were to ever date her

  • Maybe the girl choose the wrong man at first and not all the faults are the girls

    • you don't "choose the wrong guy". you choose a guy for him, not his friend

  • Girls sometimes feel the need to be valued by other men, and when one girl is with a guy and he is the only one to give her compliments the girl could start feeling like she's losing her attractiveness you could say and I know this partly because I began to feel this way when I was with my ex bf.

    • its not approp. though, she has a boyfriend she SHOULDNT need approval from other men. I know if I got approval from other women while around my girlfriend shed go crazy. I've done it before, trust me

  • They don't

  • just because she likes someone doesn't mean she's doing anything about it

    • she could though, she's writing a question about. that's the first step according to gag

  • well it kinda makes sense if you think about it that if a girl likes a guy then she would probably like the guys he hangs out with too because they'd be similar and have similar interests and be a lot alike. Girls aren't just attracted to guys because of how they look but also their personalities and best friends would have similar personalities right? Obviously if she's thinking about getting with the best friend then she's not that committed but if she just likes him but doesn't want to it's probably just a case of having a personality type she finds attractive and he falls into that category.

    • therefore it comes down to the guys looks

    • if she really loved him and was committed it wouldn't matter about looks he could be the hottest guy in the room and she wouldn't even consider him an option. so he'd be better off without her if she had those kind of designs on him.

  • I started having feelings for my ex's friend after we were together for six years. I told him about it, and we ended up breaking up. It was time. I couldn't help that there was a connection between me and his friend. We didn't act on it. And we would have had a connection whether or not he was my ex's friend. I don't think that what I did was unfaithful. I did what was right by telling him how I felt. He and my ex are still good friends, and me and my ex are still good friends. How else should the situation have been handled?

    • are you that girl that I mentioned in the question?

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    • oh whatever. I never dated his friend. I'm frustrated that you can't see that you can't help who you are attracted to.

    • and I'm frustrated with girls who are unfaithful

  • Not all girls are like that. People sometimes just fall in and out of love if the romance begins to die out. Because he's the best friend she probably ends up spending a lot of time with him and s0o0o feelings begin to develop. So0o just find a better girl whos totally into and keep the romance alive in your relatioship and her feelings won't fade away.

    • look at my comment to the girl below u

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  • You can't help who you like. She only becomes unfaithful if she takes it a step further. Until then; they can look, but they can't touch.

    • looking is the first step, you shouldn't be looking if your in a committed relationship

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    • Huh, she sounds like a stupid little girl, let her do what she wants.

    • as I said. it was just a simple question about faithfulness. double standards and immaturity. thanks though :)

  • i don't know about this, both my best buddies, child hood friends, wives don't like me at all they will tolerate me but that's about it. makes no sense to me not like I'm a bad influence on them or some kind of perv. its very strange.

  • Girls need emotional connection and attraction to fall for a guy, as a result they are usually falling for someone they know and meet frequently, their bf's friends meet that criteria, quite common situation.

    • actually they don't actually fall in love until theyve had sex believe it or not. I think she's just infatuated with him, not actually in love

    • I don't believe it, many cases are possible. Love or infatuation, anyway, who cares, your question is why women fall for their bf's friends, I told you why.

    • and my question is, if women want men to be faithful, then why shouldn't they be as well