Why do women like their boyfriends best friends?

i just saw a girl who is with her boyfriend but she likes his best friend. if girls want guys who are faithful. why shouldn't a girl be faithful?



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  • well all my best friends have been guys lol but no I've never liked any of my girlfriends boyfriends, I didn't even look at them in that way is basically a respect thing if he's my gf's boyfriend then he's completely outta the picture for me. My girlfriends & I don't date each others' ex or even guys we've dated its just a No No for us. There are plenty of men out there so I just don't see why some girls have the need to go out with their girlfriend's ex, that'll put a lotta stress in between you & your girlfriend & to me my friend's are worth more than any of their ex lol

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      there we go, that's the right answer or the MATURE answer. thank you

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      checked good lol & not that's not what I'm saying because although I'm not gonna be extremely sexual with any random guy, I'm also not a saint hehehe (evil laughter lol) and oh no I get plenty of dates, sometimes too much more than I'd wish for really. The only reason why I'm really single is because I guess idt always give guys a chance (my friends say I'm a coldhearted bitch hahahah) and because I'm really not interested in 1 @ the moment to be honest with you,but if it happens it happens Idt really sweat it lol

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      seem to be into me. keeping this convo going. :D