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What Do You Guys Find Ugly In a Girl?

What do males find ugly in a girl , young guys .. not old men lol .

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  • Too much makeup. When there is enough makeup on your face alone to function as an effective mask to hide your normal face, then I tend to think you are one of those ugly on the inside types, who couldn't go on living if you were ugly on the outside. If that makes sense?

    Horrible faces, too. The kind when they show anger and rage, annoyance and it flares up in their face and eyes. The wrinkled up kind of disgust you see in some films or by others in reality. That's something I hate to see as well - but can't really be counted lol, cause I don't think anyone goes around with that expression all the time.

    Other than that, probably nothing. I guess the other parts would be people wearing super tight clothing, whether you are 100 pounds or 300 pounds, tight clothing really puts me off. So does camel toe - which directly associates with tight clothing, unfortunately. Moving swiftly on.

    A semi - tight shirt with loose boobs is a turn on as well. As in a shirt which is tight on the boobs but nowhere else. And the bra isn't an old lady bra which stops sagging, it's just a bra which holds the boobs in place. That'll do too. :)

    Slutty/Whorish types of clothing do, as well. Tops which show stomach and navel, thongs/bikinis and just generally that sort of thing, the types of clothing which shows off too much skin and leaves little to the imagination. Boots or trainers, baggy jeans and a nice baggy T-shirt is awesome. :)

    Anyway hope that answered your question. :)

    • thaank youu :)

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    • Hm? What I was saying was I don't like people who plaster themselves in makeup, or wear slutty clothes. I'm not sure where you got me liking slutty types of clothing, but it can't be helped. The clothing I said I liked was just the normal types of clothing, not the types designed to actually show off skin or just look provocative.

      Maybe you read it wrong. Which paragraph are you referring to, tell me and I'll elaborate.

    • Your Answerer likes the clothes that tease but leave something to the imagination. Nothing TOO tight (like it took a circus trick to get you into the outfit).

      He likes the more natural look when it comes to make-up. I've heard guys say they're afraid to kiss a girl wearing cakes of makeup.

      Try to stick with a little gloss in the daytime. In the summer you don't really need blush, etc. At night, just add a light touch of mascara to refresh your lashes.

      He's saying SIMPLE = SEXY. He's right...

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  • I'm not a huge fan of girls who dress skanky. If I know them, I think "you're already pretty and (insert other positive traits here). Have a sense of dignity". Likewise if they wear too much make-up. I've known girls like that and it makes me kind of sad that they feel they have to hide their true faces to look beautiful.

    If they don't respect me, or others for that matter, that's huge problem right there.

    It's fine if a girl has a sense of humor and is outgoing, but if she is constantly trying to make herself the center of attention, it's a turn off. There was a girl like that on my cross country team. Pissed me off.

    It's one thing to fish for A compliment, but if she is constantly saying "I'm such a fatty" or otherwise putting herself down, that shows me a lack of confidence and independence. I like knowing she values herself and doesn't need me to remind her of how great she is. I'll also feel I was unappreciated if I say "you're the most beautiful girl in the world" and every five minutes, she says "I'm so ugly, I need more make-up". I'd rather she hold her tongue to prop herself up than speak to put herself down.

    So, I don't necessarily find these things to be "ugly", but they are turn-offs.

  • Horrible personality can ruin even the hottest women.

  • If she has an asymmetrical face, excessive moles (markings of some sort), out of shape-bodies, very obvious flaws that most people would find attractive. Personality is the biggest thing, believe it or not. If a girl is not traditionally "beautiful", she can have most guys by being a pleasure to be around.


  • i don't really have anything to say that's already been said by the guys below me

  • When they don't show sincerity or any kind of kindness :)

  • Stupid questions.

    • lol ^^^^^

    • yeah but most girls ask very stupid questions,I really don't see how asking a stupid question makes a girl ugly.

  • -Heavy make up

    -Fake nails


    -Too much jewelry

    -Too much perfume

    -Snotty attitude

    -Clothes that don't fit, like tight jeans that make the stomach fat bulge out like a mushroom top

    -Callus on feet

    -Any name like Bertha or Edna

  • I find uneducated, emotionally twined sections of women pretty ugly. A woman who cannot keep herself controlled emotionally or is too introverted in her false dilemmas (either or complexities).

  • Too much makeup, girls are pretty without it and some don't realize that. What I'd ask from a girl is to keep her skin healthy.

    She should have a more open mind when taking what a person says, I've seen some girls twist things without even knowing. I know it's not intentional but usually I work through those things. Be respectful, understanding, just like I would be.

    The ugliest thing I suppose is low confidence. Cheer up, smell the flowers =)

    • Low confidence is a tricky thing to work through. I mean, if a girl REALLY has that issue, it's not a matter of cheering up, but knowing that there is good stuff out there! Those girls need counseling and stuff. It's not really fair to call them "ugly" as they're not mean or nasty, just personally in need of help.

  • not a fan of the anorexic look (too skinny to the point of looking unhealthy).

    • THANK YOU! (I think you're the first person on the blog to say it.) I'm not saying go and be overweight, but anorexic is pretty bad!

  • A girl who smokes

    • i should probably stop. I smoke a couple a week. its gross..

    • Ganja too? lol

    • agreed! are you just talking about cigarettes and weed?

  • stupidity, shallow personality, unkept body, bitchy attitude

  • a stank attitude. that's the biggest thing. if I like a girl, I will develop a liking for every part of her body and everything about her. I can throw a few things out there that are kind of a turn off at glance. big fake boobs. tanning bed overkill. just generally sloppy looking as if she don't take care of herself or workout or care at all about herself or her health. smoking. having the attitude that every guy that talks to you is trying to hit on you. nothing worse than just making small talk in the grocery store line cause your a friendly person and a girl starts clenching her purse close to her and adjusting her clothes like your gonna snatch her wallet or look down her shirt. (those chicks need to get over themselves) oh and slutty/whore types. if I ask a group of friends about a girl trying to see what she's about and just of the top of their heads that one group knows more than one or two guys that's had sex with her, then I'm over it. I can get girls. I always have. and I have still managed to keep the number of girls I have slept with to a minumum by only having sex with those who I become in an official relationship with. and since I have done that, I want a girl that can do the same. not one that is into one night stands and all that stuff. I can demand it because I myself do it.

  • Wow a lot of girls are asking this same question lately. So be honest, I can't really say I find many things ugly about a girls appearance. Other than looking like a walking trash heap, I find that most girls are at least decent looking. Of course, some girls with things like acne or a more manly facial structure have it worse off because guys want the most girlie or most womanly looking girl for a girlfriend. As I've said before elsewhere, I really like a girl with a girlie facial structure, or simply just a girl that looks like she's not neglecting herself. But Imo, us guys are the ugly ones (no homo LOL).

    The main ugly thing for me (keyword: Main), because of certain "negative experiences" I've gone through with girls, is superficiality. I've dated some very pretty girls, but most of them are too effing full of themselves to make me feel comfortable dating them for a while. I'm single now, and I know that the next time around, I'm putting personality first. Some of my best friends who are girls I've never even looked at in a sexual way because they seem like such sister or mother figures to me. But definitely, if you act like a bitch or a boujie, then you should be treated as such. As for the nice girls who get no attention, capture our attention by taking care of yourself (working out, using light makeup that fits your face) then show us that you aren't like those other girls.

    And who knows, sometimes you are thinking too much about how you look when guys couldn't care less (not saying you are, you are actually pretty cute lol, just in general). I remember this girl told me once that she thought he glasses made her look ugly. Wtf right? I love girls that wear glasses! But that's just an example of something small girls blow up to immense proportions sometimes.

    • "Other than looking like a walking trash heap"? I couldn't help but bite my lip to stop myself from laughing. Very calm and cool. (LOL!)

      Agreed in terms of the attitude, though. Unfortunately, I find that many guys are attracted to that type of girl. "Lovely" & "bitchy" rolled into one illusively trashy heap...

      It's hard not to be concerned with appearance. GIrls are trained to care, and guys're instinctively visual. They tend to "scope" and select that way first. It's a bit confusing to some

    • I totally get what you mean. This is why I can't go to clubs anymore, I've completely changed my perspective on girls. I used to go to clubs just to find a girl to "scope out" and possibly get in a relationship with. I realized too late that there really aren't many real women in that club, just little girls trying to find themselves. Now I really try to look for what matters in a girl, because once you get past the hotness most times you find there is little else there.

  • A women who cusses is ugly, I could understand cussing when its necessary but over doing just makes the girl look like that's the way she was raised. I would expect a girl to act like a lady and not like a sailor.

    • i'm pretty sure girls can say whatever they like... thanks.

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    • sometimes I have to cuss but I don't say like 10 cuss words in one sentence lets just put it that way.I only cuss when its neccessary.

    • AGREED!

  • Ugliness I believe is in the eye of the beholder. A girl is ugly by how she lives her life and not what she looks like or how she dresses. If she behaves like an ugly person, then she is ugly. actions speak louder than words, so how she acts and lives her life dictates how ugly or beautiful she is. I can say this as I have been out with a stunning looking girl, who to her core was really messed up and pretty ugly and as a result I found her physically attractive, but ugly on the inside and this for me today is more important

  • Playing too hard to get and not answering texts or phone calls. Not going on dates or meeting up when I want to. Eating really unhealthy. Acting stuck up. Mostly everything else there is a positive side to.

    • So, game-playing is unattractive. Agreed (for both guys and girls). It's really exhausting to sort through the games too!

  • immaturity, shallowness, ignorance, stupidity, hate, crap like that that's all too prevalent today.

  • Too much attitude

  • When they're stuck-up bitches or try to act like bimbo's to get guys to "like" them, somehow

  • I'm 27. Is that old? Anyway, PERSONALITY and INTELLIGENCE! You can be the hottest girl in the known universe but if you are ignorant and abrasive you never stand a chance.

    Also, if you aren't the best looker but have an IQ above room temperature and are pleasant to be around, then you're awesome.

    • Unfortunately, those girls get treated like so much wallpaper, K-Ram! Where were you when I was in college, lol!

  • I feel that all girls look the same in the outside beautiful and cute ...

    No girl looks ugly to me ...

  • opinions from young guys I am assuming is what you mean? Define young? Just kidding. Women that are really overweight and ugly personalities.

  • I would say them acting snobby, them thinkin their the best, but more so just ignorance and being stupid that is the worst oh and LYING, dishonesty is the worst :)

  • I'm done with trying not to offend people with such minutia, so I will just list physical characteristics that I personally do not find attractive, and that some others might. Take it as you will:

    -Fake eyelashes

    -Big lips

    -Too much lipstick

    -Rouge or blush (in any amount)

    -Those wrinkles that overweight people of any age get on the backs of their thighs

    -Baby fat (especially after 18)

    -Artificially coy attitude

    -High heels in garish colors

    -Constant chewing of gum

    -Too much perfume

    • Hahah I love the honesty! (:

    • I'm curious to know if your list ended or if you ran out of space... ;-)

      I think you were reaching for the word "Cellulite" in Item 5.

      "Baby fat" had me laughing a little. (Girls basically lose actual baby fat around the age of 14. There's natural callogen for a few years through their 20s, then after that is a short period where they quickly lose fat and muscle -- so they need to go to the gym, etc., followed by menopause -- another "fatty" phase.)

      I'd love to read the rest of your list. :)

  • extremely unhealthy eating habits.

    Lack of self determination.



    Lack of self value.



    Close minded.

    etc etc etc...

  • most guys get turned on visually, so it looks mainly and what you wear, I hate clingyness too. Hope this helps

  • In my own opinion I think it is very unattractive for a girl to mark her body and get piercings and tattoos. A girl should cherish her body because its the best equipment you'll ever have or need.

    • thats so cute!

    • i love a girl with tats in soft feminine places...man as hard as I meant tht to nt sound like I meant p**** or t*ts it still does lol...bt I mean hips or ankle and lower back

  • I think as for me the only thing I can find Ugly in a female is her Character

  • depends on where. what kind of body you have (actually have not wish you had). and what impression you want to make. for the sake of argument, I'm going to say average body, not a skinny chick, but someone who has a figure and the impression is 'smile'. guys are simple, so if you think simple when you get ready, you can convey messages easier.

    School. have you ever looked at some of the girls that go to your school? some of them look like sluts probably. what are sluts good for? demeaning, that's what. they are for using and not caring about. don't be a slut. and you can be a very sexual, sexy individual, just don't try with every square inch of your body. if you look comfortable, look like you put SOME thot into your attire (not hours of thot the night before) and you wear makeup to enhance your natural beauty and not embellish beauty you don't have. you look good. walk out of the house feeling good about what you have on. the same should be said for guy. guys need to put themselves out there more too. and like girls wished that cute guy would notice their new highlights, a guy wants that cute chick that give him the stink eye to replace that with a smirk..

    Work. rules at work are different because you need to impress more people than just the people you have your eye on. oh, and girls that are ugly are girls that don't come to terms with what they have to offer..fat chick that wear spaghetti straps = really bad ; muffin top over goddess wear = very bad ; wearing t-parties and underwear that makes your butt look square = bad ; being so hot, that you're a bitch = bad ; ugly can come in different ways from how you dress, to how you look at the people around you and how you and your girlfriends put yourselves out there.

    the question is how do you as the girl not feel like you're ugly?

    simple; PEOPLE LIKE PEOPLE THAT LIKE THEMSELVES. find your opinion on what makes you like what you see in the mirror, and pass that positivity outward, and not just to your friends, but everyone, and come prom night, you're the most beautiful girl in the room.

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  • i think they find the girl being overweight ugly and sloppy.

  • i've been reading these and answers and let me just say...

    thats right bitches take your slutty close bad attitude and fake nose and boobs and walk away because no matter how slutty or extremly annoyingly flirtous you are what guys really care about is PERSONALITY. that's all... not that I know anyone like that...

    • True, true, and so true! >.<

  • Can a bisexual girl answer this question? D': Because girls who are too proud, who smokes, who cuss a lot, who are slutty, who are physically abusive, who are too obsessed with their boob size, and who put too much makeup to the point that I can't kiss them anymore are turnoffs for me :(

  • Girls asking this question is rather unattractive. imo.

  • sh*t personality

  • Ugly girls are usually more willing to put out and let a guy treat her like crap because she just wants a guy point blank. She'll put up with stuff a pretty girl won't put up with because that pretty girl knows that she can go find at least three other dudes to replace a guy if he's acting up. Whereas an ugly girl, will feel like she doesn't have many options so she should just take what she can get.

    Most of the time the girl isn't even ugly. She's just extremely insecure.

  • hopefully they would think a bad personality makes girls ugly

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