What Do You Guys Find Ugly In a Girl?

What do males find ugly in a girl , young guys .. not old men lol .


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  • Too much makeup. When there is enough makeup on your face alone to function as an effective mask to hide your normal face, then I tend to think you are one of those ugly on the inside types, who couldn't go on living if you were ugly on the outside. If that makes sense?

    Horrible faces, too. The kind when they show anger and rage, annoyance and it flares up in their face and eyes. The wrinkled up kind of disgust you see in some films or by others in reality. That's something I hate to see as well - but can't really be counted lol, cause I don't think anyone goes around with that expression all the time.

    Other than that, probably nothing. I guess the other parts would be people wearing super tight clothing, whether you are 100 pounds or 300 pounds, tight clothing really puts me off. So does camel toe - which directly associates with tight clothing, unfortunately. Moving swiftly on.

    A semi - tight shirt with loose boobs is a turn on as well. As in a shirt which is tight on the boobs but nowhere else. And the bra isn't an old lady bra which stops sagging, it's just a bra which holds the boobs in place. That'll do too. :)

    Slutty/Whorish types of clothing do, as well. Tops which show stomach and navel, thongs/bikinis and just generally that sort of thing, the types of clothing which shows off too much skin and leaves little to the imagination. Boots or trainers, baggy jeans and a nice baggy T-shirt is awesome. :)

    Anyway hope that answered your question. :)

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      thaank youu :)

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      Hm? What I was saying was I don't like people who plaster themselves in makeup, or wear slutty clothes. I'm not sure where you got me liking slutty types of clothing, but it can't be helped. The clothing I said I liked was just the normal types of clothing, not the types designed to actually show off skin or just look provocative.

      Maybe you read it wrong. Which paragraph are you referring to, tell me and I'll elaborate.

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      Your Answerer likes the clothes that tease but leave something to the imagination. Nothing TOO tight (like it took a circus trick to get you into the outfit).

      He likes the more natural look when it comes to make-up. I've heard guys say they're afraid to kiss a girl wearing cakes of makeup.

      Try to stick with a little gloss in the daytime. In the summer you don't really need blush, etc. At night, just add a light touch of mascara to refresh your lashes.

      He's saying SIMPLE = SEXY. He's right...