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How touchy feely do you get with your guy friend/just girl friend?

when single or in a relationship.

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  • I've known most of my guy friends for a very long time and I love hugs so I always hug them hello and goodbye. Three of them I'm extremely close to- they're the family I got to choose- and we're pretty affectionate a lot of the time. A kiss on the forehead or the cheek (on either or both sides) is a fairly common occurence, and a few times we've missed when both trying to hit each others' cheek and pecked on the lips- we laughed about it after. None of it means anything more to us than friendly affection and love. One has been in a relationship for as long as I've known him (7 years), the other two have moved in and out of relationships just like I have. We tend to keep our displays of affection the same whether single or attached- the way I see it, why should I stop being affectionate with my friends because I have a boyfriend. One has very little to do with the other- I don't worry about showing affection to my girl friends (and I show the same amount to them as with the guys) so I shouldn't have to worry about it with my guy friends.

What Guys Said 13

  • both because people like to be touched it makes them feel good to be there unless your ego is as big as my d***.

  • depends on how close...girls usuallyy get a hug and some of them get hugs and kisses on the cheek...goofig around I'll like poke or shove a little...you know flirty stuff...

    guys get slap up, if its been a while and I'm close to them they'll get a hug, if I'm friends and haven't seen them but not close they'll get a slap, pull in, one arm hug...and I always joke around with my boys, don't really touchy feely them lol

    if I'm dating I keep it to hugs with girls and hugs/kiss on cheek with the ones I'm close with, flirting toa minial...i don't know I usually keep it the same unless my girl has an issue with it, its not like because I'm fliting or being fun that it means I want to phuck...

    dunno what kinda answers your looking for, but hope it helps

  • I get real touchy with her. The flirting just goes on and on.

  • Depends on how comfortable the friend is with contact. For the most part, there's a lot of touching between my female friends and I. Most commonly hugging or playful hitting. A lot of my friends like to play with my hair so that's pretty common as well. Sometimes if one of my friends is cold we'll cuddle up for warmth.

    Some of my friends are not as comfortable with contact so we'll just stick to hugging hello and goodbye.

  • we hug and about that. not passionate hugs but just a greeting a farewell embrace.

  • If they are just friends, the most I will do is hug hello/goodbye, or maybe a comforting hug if they are sad/upset. If we are friends, but I am interested in them, I will go for the light touching on the arm or back, and occasionally if we are out partying, a slap on the butt as I am walking by.

  • I'm a very tactile person, though less as I get older oddly, so go with the flow. Tend to be pretty flirty with the girls - as much as I can get away with so as not to annoy anyone. Hopefully can cause a little embarassment if they can handle the fun. As for guys depends, but not very unless the football is going really well!

  • depends on what you want really... or more relisticly, what the other person wants

  • Female friends get hugs, max. Male friends get Brofists.

  • WIth girls I usually at least give fist pounds or high fives. If we are closer, we will hug when we say goodbye.

  • I respect personal space so I do not basically ever touch anyone.

  • hug for just girl as a friend. But only if there a touchy feely person themselves. I have some that are and some that aren't

  • I've ended up f***ing most of my close female friends at one point or another, not that most of them know about the others. Man to the whore. F***yeah

What Girls Said 32

  • I'm not a particularly touchy feely person.

  • well I don't touchy feely anyone unless the guy does it to me first, and if the guy is cute, ill giggle and stuff and touch him back

  • a friend is a friend. with all my guy friends, we do not get too feely feely. I don't even kiss my guy friends.

  • I`m not naturally touchy feely with people. I keep my distance but when I`m in a relationship with someone then of course, any touching goes but I like to do it less in public because people have a problem with that haha. If its just a guy friend then I won`t touch him uneccesarily but hugs and a kiss on the cheek is okay.

  • If I'm close to the guy friend, then it can go anywhere from a small slap on the arm [ if he was being silly ] to actually being tackled to the ground. It's happened. lol If I don't really know him too well, then regardless if he has a girlfriend or not, I'm just going to keep it light and simple: maybe a high five or something.

  • It depends on who it is. Some people won't get touchy with me because they don't know how I'll react. Other friends are all over me ._. I like to respect personal space so I don't initiate, but I don't care about people touching me. I'm always single so I don't have to worry about anything.

  • I'm very touchy-feely with both my male friends and female friends.

  • I have a best friend that in front of a boyfriend I will say I love you...Were almost to that brother sister phase. And we get deep but I'm not as close with them as my bf.

  • just hugs, a little hair touching, and sitting on laps are good for me lol

  • I don't let any1 touch me because I believe only a boyfriend or family member should have that right.

  • I have these closemale friend of mine, and mostly when drunk (both of us), he starts spanking my butt a few times, dancing like rubbing himself to me (or my other girl friends) and making like perv faces and comments and everything lol. Of course, we've known each other for about 8 years now. Friends only

  • i have a lot of guy friends, but only the ones I'm closer with I hug. I also play with their hair. ~and sometimes they play with mine.

    i never hug my chick friends (except for my best friend) just cause...idk

    if you're talking about sexual stuff, I really don't know.D:

    • I'm not talking about sexual stuff, lol.

    • ok, hah, its hard to tellol

  • I am a touchy bronze goddess. haahahah. I love showing affection to all of my friends male or female. My boyfriends that I have had never got jealous but I figure it was because they knew what they were getting into. Also, I am a dancer so I'm very comfortable with touching, hugging, grabbing etc. Note: I have not met many women like myself . . .

  • well my best guy friend has a girlfriend at the moment but we still hug each other and carry on as we did before he got with his girfriend. she looks kind of jealous the way we act together, but why should we change the way we treat each other because of her

  • Honestly pretty much all of my friends are pretty touchy, we always hug when we meet each other and stuff like that and have always been like that, we've all known each other for years and years so it's not in any way strange and boy/girl friends have never seemed bothered by it, obviously if they were we wouldn't do it as much, at least not when they're there, not to be going behind their backs but out of respect. when it comes to those of us who are with someone from the same group we know that no one else is interested (even if they once were) and there would never be a problem. One of my guy friends in particular would be very close to all the girls in our group and we would definitely give him hugs and when we're drunk we would dance and it might seem sort of inappropriate but we all know there's nothing more to it, plus his been with his girlfriend for 5 years and we all went to school together and have known each other for like 10 years. New friends who aren't completely involved with the group yet are obviously invited to join in all the love being shared but most don't until at least after 6 months

    (btw, even if it might seem like it, nothing in this post is a euphemism)

  • Hm. With my guyfriend, because he's that type of guy, I have no problem just playfully holding hands with him, getting piggy back rides, and hugging him, but that's just us.

  • hugs for just friends

  • its actually quite awkward. I think he likes me and I think he thinks I like him. But just high fives

  • well when I'm not going out with the guy I don't have any contact with them at all unless its for the occasional hug. but when I'm going out with them I practically jump them, I can't keep my hands and lips off of them. usually end up leading to other stuff. but hey they have never complained before ;)

  • In a relationship, love hugs:)

  • I'm a private person. If I'm in a relationship, when we are alone, then whatever goes. But in public, handholding and PG kisses are about as far as I go. Lady in the street... and all that.

    Single - I don't "hook up" whenever I go out. Not my thing. I don't mind if a guy will kiss me on the cheek or something if we've been talking, but that's about it. Don't like it when they wrap their arms around me, touch my thighs, etc.

    Me & my gfs aren't particularly "touchy". Not the scream-and-hug after 2 hours apart kinda people.. Kiss on the cheek if we haven't seen each other in ages, that's about it.

    I DO sound like a prude, lol.

    • im somewhat same :) well from a guys perspective lolol. and you don't soud like a prude :)

  • Hug and flirty/light touch

  • It's just a hug to my very close guy friends, other than that I don't touch them at all unless I push them into a locker (:

    • :D Perfect, now I'll know what to anticipate.. Watch out for the trip wire into a bucket full of flour. I'll be sure to bring along some salami slices so we can bake you into a wonderfully encrusted pizza. She may pack a punch, but at the least, she's got good flavor.

  • I am not a touchy feely person, I like to use words in order to show affection in the form of compliments or things like that. But, sometimes I have this urge to hug someone, so I'll go ahead and hug them. I usually ask them first though, haha.

  • i'm actually a bit more touchy feely when I'm not in a relationship. when I'm dating, I stroke his arm, hug him, etc more often then if we were in a relationship

  • I regularly cuddle with my guy friends, and most of them have touched my boobs.

  • not very touchy at all, even hugs are rare from me

  • i hug my friends all the time no matter what my status is, because that has nothing 2 do with my relationship. me & my friends treat each other the exact same way.

  • Like a little kissing and touching but not a lot

  • I am a playful person I like play-fighting, hugging, snuggling, and yes even some light-hearted flirting. That said it can be misleading, some people will read into these behaviors and you should never deliberately lead someone on. If you know someone is interested in you and the feeling is not mutual you don't want to keep them hanging on to false hope or using their attention to boast your own ego so be clear about your motives, honest, and true to yourself if it doesn't feel right don't do it. In a relationship you shouldn't do anything that you wouldn't feel totally comfortable with your partner doing. Also listen to your partner if they express your behavior is hurtful respect their feelings yes some people are insanely jealous and you don't need that in your life but some jealousy is totally human, you've felt it too I am sure and you can sort of decide on boundaries together. I never physically touch a friend's boyfriend ever in fact I almost don't talk to them at all lol. And if someone is in a relationship then I don't flirt either.

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