Why do some people just throw away relationships?

do you believe you never stop loving someone, you either still do or you never did. do you still think of your exs ?

for boys and girls (:


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  • Yes, you can stop loving someone when you heal and new love comes into your life. There are some people who never get over their first loves but that's not everyone. I think about my ex sometimes and all the things he taught me about real love. I loved him more than anyone else in the world up until now. I remember when I couldn't recognize when his infatuation faded and when he left me, that's when I learned heart brake, and, eventually how to heal. There is no room left in my heart for old flames and people who didn't love me back, there is only room for the people who love me now, for example my fiancĂ© :). I remember when the phrase "you never stop loving someone, you either still do or never did" came out back when I was in high school and I never really thought about it until now. It's really just a phrase used to make people who have lost a love feel better about it. It's not true all the time but I guess it's an OK phrase to keep circulating because it makes some people feel better I guess. Interesting concept to say the least.

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  • It's changes in time and modern practice that has made relationships 'weaker'

    50 years ago a relationships were seen as steps towards marriage and the people then had longer lasting ones and a fraction of the sexual partners modern people have. Relationships were treated a lot more seriously then with a lot fewer distractions.

    How many reltionships are ended by cheating? Falling out of love because they've met someone else? Both could be caused by drunken nights out where you're surround by 100's of other young drunks wantin to enjoy themselves, these settings didn't exist 50 years ago! Also people are a lot more open about thier problems nowadays, asking the opinions of many people can influence your decision in whether your relationship will work!

    The biggest reason is people are a lot more self-dependant and outgoing now. People feel they can look after themselves better now and are less needy!

  • Love Dies. Thank God for that.

  • because the people are raving yahoo's

  • because I love women too much to just be with one of them. each and everyone of you has something special about you and I love finding out what that is.

    besides, I would never dream of depriving the female population the pleasure of being with me by entering an exclusive relationship. ;)


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  • What I have realized..is that every ex I have..I get over..and the next boyfriend is always way better than my last ones. I do not know why people throw away relationships..but, I do know that you get over them..eventually..and I actually ask myself "what was I thinking?!" :-)

  • they are finished with it. relationships are transient. you either change together or grow apart, part f life--just like death.

  • Thankfully feelings for a person can 100% fade! I find that once I break up with somebody I know more about the things I want and don't want for the future. for example my first boyfriend, years ago was a bad relationship. we were only young so its not so bad but I was crazy about him! after 5 months I couldn't take it anymore because he got so jealous of every guy I saw or talked to. I could hardly hug my cousins! we broke up for a few reasons, this being the main one and since then I have never dated a jealous kind of guy. I still thought about him fr months and months after because he was my first and I thought he was great, but as you get older you realize that there's so much better. x

  • im not sure, I gues there's some ex's that once you break up with them your over it after a week or two and then there will be the special one that you will keep going back to over and over,

  • no. you can actually get over someone.

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