When a man says be patient with me?

I have been seeing this man since Nov all was great until Feb I saw him 3-4 times a week, slept over and suddenly that slowed down. I found out that he sees another girl on my off days, he has no idea I know, I have asked if thee are other women and he tells me I am the only one. I saw him on Monday and we were talking and he told me to be patient with him? What does this mean? Does it mean so he can play his games or does it mean to leave him alone or does it mean we will take our relationship slow? I think he is playing games. But I need to know what Be patient with me means, he was married and his wife left him so he has issues.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Oh wow, and you didn't confront him about you knowing of the other woman? You're better woman than I am because I would go out of my way to let him know and than I'll dump his behind! He's lying to you...seeing other women...and you're wondering what "be patient" means? I'm sorry, I know reading this will hurt, but I'm sure you don't deserve this. OR Maybe you should ask him what that meant. Hope things get better for you.

    • I did confront him in several different times and lied to my face. But I think be patient means back off and let me do my things. He is a loser and I just need to move on. He may have a few women and he strings them along.

    • I don't know you, but I can honestly say I'm proud of you for looking it at it this way! I KNOW it's hard. We've all gotten hurt at some point in our lives, but you are young, so don't waste your time on someone like this. You may be missing out on the person who will love you and appreciate YOU alone. Surround yourself with the people you love, and who care about you. It will get better I can promise you that much.

    • Thank you! I am more intrested in tryin to figure out why he needs to string women on. He seems to tell me I am the only one hahha then see me once ever 8 days well what are you doing the other days? He must think I am dumb. He wants his cake and eat it too with no one questioning him petty much. He even lied to me about his age. He told me he was 33 and is really 41 and he has profiles on dating sites and he must do that to get younger girls. He wants to string me along so that why.