My boyfriend says he cares a lot about me, misses me when I'm not there loves being with me but is this love?

He has recently sais he doesn't know if he is in love with me? He says he does not undersatnd his own feelings and finds it really difficult. I ended the relationship but he came back saying he was willing to try make me feel more secure by his actions and he thinks what we have warrants more effort.

Can he really not recognise love and wy is he so frigtened to say it? I am really confused as what to do? If he reallyhas problems wth his feelings then I am willing to give it another go? He says I am being unfair putting a time sacle on love.What do you think?


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  • I think this is the problem. People are sometimes afraid to call something love even when it is love because we only have one word for love in the english language. In India there are 7 different forms of love and 7 different words. So a lot of people will feel well I don't feel intense dreamy infatuation so I must not be in love. But what they don't realize is that's only one form. People who are married usualy move to a stage of love of deep feelings and missing the person when there gone. This is another form of love but its still love. You don't have to feel like your floating on a cloud 24 seven to be in love. Your boyfriend is just afraid to call it inlove because then if he does start to feel like walking on a cloud with you then what would the knew word be. Ultra love. Love with a turbo boast. Lol. But rest assure a guy doesn't miss his girlfriend when there gone unless he loves them.


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  • Give him a little more time it seems like you are more mature than he is and he just need a little time know a little more time not a lot. It seems like he is falling in love with you!