Boyfriend hasn't said "I love you"... does he love me?

We've been together for a year and he has only said he "really likes me". He's a shy guy and typically doesn't express his emotions well, however, I know he has told at least one ex that he loved her, so I feel inadequate when all I'm hearing from him is "I like you." So last time he said that, I jokingly said "no you don't" and he said "maybe it's more than that..." then the subject of our conversation changed (ugh!). Recently he told me he cares about me more than he has ever cared about a girl and he's worried about me leaving him because he thinks I can do better. I reassured him that he is all I want and I'm not going anywhere. So now he seems to be gradually opening up about how he feels. This weekend he cuddled up with me and started telling me all of these things he's never said before, telling me his life revolves around me, he thinks about me constantly and I'm in most of his dreams... "you're the most beautiful person I know", "I don't know what I'd do if you ever left me," "I've spent most of my life in these long bouts of depression... and now that I have you I can't be unhappy, just thinking about you and knowing that you're somewhere thinking about me." He told me how important it is to him that I am comfortable and happy in every way. He even told me if I stay the way I am, he'll never have to look for a girlfriend ever again.

I think he might be in love with me, but I don't know if I'm reading this all wrong. Do you think he is? And if he is, why can't he say it?

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  • He could just be scared. My boyfriend, who I have been with for a little over a year..still hasn't said "I love you"..but, I am not going to push it. He has loved one girl in his whole life..But, she cheated on him and hurt him really bad. So, my guess with my boyfriend and your boyfriend, is that they are afraid of loving another person..and want to make sure that you will not hurt him like he was hurt before...for example, just breaking up with him..or cheating...and etc. I think he does love you...but, he may be scared to say it yet. He may also get his moments where he withdraws himself...I know my boyfriend does. I think its his way of protecting himself. He feels these feelings that he loves, and gets he backs off. I am not sure if your boyfriend does this..but if he might be the same situation as mine. My boyfriend dated his last girlfriend for 2 years! And still didn't tell her that he loved her! I guess some people just need time...Good luck.

    P.S- I wouldn't push it though, for him to say it. And, it might help, if you casually say it to him.

    • I think you might be right

    • If I am..he will come around. It may take some time...but he will :-)

    • sry to interfere with that question, but I couldn't help it when I read your comment, I am in the same situation exactly with my b.f, he had an ex g.f , she was the only girl he loved..and she cheated on him..

      my question here is how do you treat your b.f? I mean you say you dnt push him to say he loves u.. so how do you deal with him to ensure he's moving on..n not just taking you for granted..and how do you find the patience in doing so?