Why do younger guys like me?

I'm 17 and it seems like mostly younger guys hit on me . I'm not in a relationship and I ain't looking for one either,but guys age 14-15 keep flirting with me . So my question is , is there something I'm doing to attract younger guys? And also would it be weird for me to be older than the guy ?My dad is 5 years older than my mom , and in most relationships the guy is older than the girl. So would I be considered a cougar if I went out with a guy younger than myself?


Most Helpful Guy

  • just date who you want to :) don't worry what everyone thinks if you like em date em. At least you don't have to be worried that you're unattractive because even if guys your age don't flirt with you younger guys do and taste doesn't change that drastically looks wise, so you know you're pretty. there's nothing wrong with you don't worry. Maybe you just look young :)