Why do younger guys like me?

I'm 17 and it seems like mostly younger guys hit on me . I'm not in a relationship and I ain't looking for one either,but guys age 14-15 keep flirting with me . So my question is , is there something I'm doing to attract younger guys? And also would it be weird for me to be older than the guy ?My dad is 5 years older than my mom , and in most relationships the guy is older than the girl. So would I be considered a cougar if I went out with a guy younger than myself?


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  • just date who you want to :) don't worry what everyone thinks if you like em date em. At least you don't have to be worried that you're unattractive because even if guys your age don't flirt with you younger guys do and taste doesn't change that drastically looks wise, so you know you're pretty. there's nothing wrong with you don't worry. Maybe you just look young :)


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  • All of my past girlfriends have been older than me.

    • how much older like years or months?

    • some of them only months, but I've dated a girl a couple of years older. I don't think its a big deal at all. Even at your age I don't think most people will care about a year or two difference and as you get older it will matter even less.

    • Ok thx for you help :)!

  • In the teen years a two year difference is a lot, the mentality is just way different, 14 and 15 year old boys have a different way of seeing things comparing to 17 year old guys... When you are in your 20's it won't be that much of a difference... Maybe you look younger and that might lead them to think you have the same age...

  • No if its just a 3 to 5 year dif. and I think its just your more mature both physical and mentaly.

  • Hey, I like older women. Nothing special, it's just me. Nothing to it. They're probably the same way. If you have several guys doing that, I don't know. Maybe it's just a coincidence.

  • yea I don't think its such a bad thing if you go out with one of them. try it :). I like older girls too, mainly because women live longer then men, so I always figured there would be a better chance we would die at the same time... lol

  • A Cougar is a hot older lady... and by older, I mean your mom's age.

    I've dated a girl that's older than me before by a little bit, it's no big deal if you like each other.


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  • I dated someone younger than me last year. Obviously he's my ex now, but he did make me happy; I won't deny that.

    People will give you crap for it, but who cares because friends will see how happy you are.