My boyfriend always hangs up on me

I have been seeing him 2 years on and off. its been more on over the last 9 months. He hangs up on me if I questions him or have any opinion at all. How do I deal with this

Last night he pulled that hang up stuff again. Usually I call and text and try to work it out. But did not. even this morning I didnt text or call and he showed up at my house. However he kinda had a "I have taught you a lesson attitude,
I told him when things were calm today that his hanging up on me was a sign that he had no respect for me and that my opinions and feelings were equal to a dogs.That ifhe really felt I was below him we were in the wrong relationship.
2 hours later he call me said sorry and he loved me. we mad a cool off befor calling back agreement.


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  • your boyfreind has lost all respect for you. How much more can you take before you eventually dump him?

    Because that is the road the two of your are headed two Apparently he doesn't want to "deal" with you and that is not a good sign. Somehow in his mind your are no longer been worth his time or energy.

    That is pretty messed up on his part. If he isn't intetrested anymore he should just man-up and tell you because it seems pretty apparent from your story he lost interest in the relationship.

    Unless he is severly depressed and hurting you makes him feel better? either way this isn't exactly healthy for you.

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      He has been very depressed and things coming at him from all sides. I look at myself as the soft spot to fall, but he gets frustrated and callse me needy...(he is english, the are very diff to date)