What does it mean when your boyfriend tells you he doesn't want to hurt you?

OK my boy friend told me that he had to fix something so I asked him what he had to fix he did not answer the question so then I said to him tell me... Show More

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  • Do not listen to all these people saying he is cheating it will just drive you crazy, and make you scream at him about it later even if he isn't cheating. We can't really help you. What he ment by he doesn't want to hurt you is...He doesn't want to hurt you.

    You were talking about the fireworks thing, ask him about that. I mean the only way you will know is to ask him. And tell him you really want to know, that it will hurt you more if you didn't know because you have millions of different things running in your head.

    • yeah he's obviously not cheating on you if he said it had nothing to do with your relationship.. maybe it's about him?