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Can I find out who my boyfriend is talking to on craigslist?

I "accidentally" stumbled upon my boyfriend's email and lo and behold he is replying to (and posting) what I think are personal ads on craiglist (although I can't be certain from the content right now although there WERE pictures of naked girls). The only info I have on the ad are the email addresses that craigslist gives you when replying to a post in the form of xx-hfg-9822637281@craigslist.com. Can I use this information to find out which ads he is replying to?

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What Guys Said 2

  • i don't think anyone should HELP you do something like that...

  • That's the email address that CL creates for people who post ads to disguise their real email address. If some girl made the ad, then sending an email to that address will go to her real email address.

What Girls Said 1

  • You can email her, orrrrrr lol if you wanna be devious and do some investigating you could make up an email and email your boyfriend pretending to be another girl from the site, send him pics from google or something...that is if you have the email address he uses for that specific reason