Why is my husband being a jerk?

why is it every time when my husband and me argue he brings up divorce

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  • It's a mind game. In his little mind he thinks it will scare you enough to shut you up and leave it alone. I was married once too and mine did the SAME THING. After that they start getting scarey, verbally and really emotionally abusive; then it will turn into physical violence all the while it is YOUR fault according to them because YOU pushed them too it. When its over it's over, leave and get on with your life already. Why stick around and suffer through all the BS? Do you like being hurt, depressed, sad and crying all the time because I KNOW you do it whether you admit it or not. When they get to being like that it's not even worth it.

    • Well you married him, so in essence it's your fault.

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    • 95% of all crime is men? Oh well in your narrow mind of course it is. Well wake up stupid american, women commit crime too. Oprah and all your other feminst friends told you that too? Whatever, you know what, stop blaming your former husband for all your troubles. You wanted him, you married him, so suffer the consequences of your decision bonehead.

    • Hey dumb ass, what do you think the other 5% is committed by? Aliens? I guess I am a feminist since I believe in social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men. So, thanks? I did suffer the consequences of my decision, it's something divorce remedies