Can cousins fall in love with each other? Is it legal?

Okay, so my cousin and me know each other since I was born. We are really close friends. He is 1 year older than me. I know him really well, When my family comes to his family's house, I always sleep at his room. We talk at night from 11pm tom 5am about anything that you can imagine. He knows when I am sad or when I am worried about something. So basically we are really close. But when I became 14 or 15 my feelings started to change towards him... I think his feelings too but I am not sure. He started to protect me from everything its kinda confusing whatever, started to touch me 'accidentally' more, and when I asked him what is the ideal girl for him, he said 'funny, kind,..., ..., just like you' I think I am in love

with him, but I cannot show it to him. I am 17 and I am really confused. What should I do?

oh by the way we are 2nd cousins
Thanks for all of you, this is not a question anymore.. I've got a boyfriend, so this is not current anymore, but thanks for all of your answers :) It really helped.


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  • Move to Alabama?

    But in all seriousness you've got to handle it like adults. It would upset your family if you two had a relationship or that you have feelings for each other. On the off chance that it happens anyway, you've got to protect your family from knowing. That kind of thing gets people very upset. I think what is illegal is cousins (first cousins) marrying.

    As for what to do to avoid this situation with him, it's obvious. Make excuses to be somewhere else when he's supposed to come over. Avoid him. It will hurt you both but you only have 2 choices here - either do what feels good and can lead to problems or do what feels bad and save everyone some grief. It's up to you.

    • okay, thanks for the advice

    • And I can admit it, I saw a picture of a cousin I hadn't seen in 10 years and didn't know who she was and I thought she was hot. I found out she was my cousin and I just thought, "Oh... OK then". This whole cousins being off limits thing only started relatively recently in society. It was still OK less than a hundred years ago.

    • I think you are right. I should really just avoid him and make the right choice. I will find the right guy someday :)

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  • i think you got to be 3rd cousins to get married. you shouldn't have a relationship with someone that close to you. its bad for the gene pool.

  • It can happen yes, and it is legal as long as you are at LEAST twice removed from each other. And as for the chick who said, "Find someone else. That's sick". She obviously doesn't know that one of the most brilliant men to ever lived married his cousin. Albert Einstein. =)

    • :) I didn't know that and thanks

    • Anytime! =)

  • I just got done writing something about if incest should be legal. Here is a link that will show which states its legal and which states its illegal. And this is regarding 1st cousins. So being 2nd cousins, it is legal to marry in ALL STATES. And I will send that link as well.

    link <---------- 1st cousin states

    link <----------- this one states first cousins and the reasonsin behind as well, but its not as to the point as the first one, also you will notice before it talks about 1st cousins it states 2nd cousins are legal in all 50 states.

  • Incest has it definitions. Since I am a muslim so I"ll talk about myself only. In every muslim country, only blood relations are not allowed, like marrying your sister, aunts or having affair with them. But it does not apply to cousins. Cousins can marry each other, in fact it s preferred to marry the girls with their cousins. But this is in muslim countries, I have read that in most countries even cousin relationship comes into the category of incest. May be I am wrong but I would say: think b4 you do anything.


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  • No. That is wrong in every way, and yes, it is illegal. It's called incest. What do you mean "accidentally" touching? He is 18 years old. He knows exactly what he is doing and obviously so do you. You're family; you should be close. However, fantasizing about your cousin is completely disgusting, and again, it is illegal should you and him ever want to get married and god forbid you ever want to have children.

  • i would avoid it

  • find someone else. that's sick