Why are guys so oblivious?

They don't notice anything. I practically throw myself at this guy every day. We have a lot of mutual friends who know I like him and know that he likes me because we make it that obvious.

But the only one who doesn't know I like him is him and I'm guessing that's why he hasn't asked me out yet.

how can I get the guy to just ask me out already? I would ask him myself but I'm not really sure how.


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    "On the flip side, women constantly try to use subtext with men and we often miss their cues. A classic example is the woman at a party or lounge who is trying to get a guy come talk to her. She purpsoely gives off IOIs and in her mind she feels like she's being so obvious that the other women in the room will think she's a slut. To the guy in question he usually ends up thinking "Does that mean she likes me? Should I go over and talk to her?" or something along those lines."

    Instead of being in your head thinking you're being obvious, why don't you actually be overt and tell him what you think. This is the 21st century, women are equal, and it's time you take some responsibility for your own happiness and ask him out.