Why does he ask me if I love him?

I've been seeing this guy for about a month now and a couple of days ago he asked me if I loved him, (I gave him a strange look) and then he said that he loves me. I brushed it off as him just playing with my head or whatever, but he keeps doing it! I just take it as a joke, laugh and sarcastically reply to it really. because I mean, its awkward, whatever his intentions. but really - does anyone have any idea why someone would keep asking that?


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  • Um. Maybe because he loves you?


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  • My guess:

    He's in love with you, and he wants to know if you feel the same about him. He keeps asking because it's important to him.

  • probably he loves you and want to know if you feel the same for him , you need to stop this childish and deal with him seriously because he'll not stick around someone make fun of his feelings and pride ,yeah guys do have these things .


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  • ever think that maybe he loves you and wants to know if you feel the same.

    stop being sarcastic about it, he proably isn't joking. it's a major blow to his ego and you're probably hurting his feelings. guys do have those you know. not to mention it probably makes you look like a b*tch, no offense.

    • I'm not being a bitch, I just think the word is being used farrrrrr too freely. and frankly, it's not really the sort of thing that you ask a person.

    • If he is unsure of your feelings for him then it is completely understandable that he would ask you, I don't think that's strange at all. and I meant no offense to you about the bitch comment, just saying that you may be coming aross that way. if you do love him, then you should tell him, if not then you should stop leading him on because if he is so adament then he probably really cares for you and does love you.