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Why would a younger guy be interested in me?

Here's a great story. I met this young guy five years ago, at the time he was only 18. I am 16 years older then him. He is now 23 and I am 39. I... Show More

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  • If I were you, I will not continue with this age difference. Even 5 years difference between my ex boyfriend and me, there were a lot of problems with among all the other things..For sex, of course, that will be great but life is just not sex. Plus, as a mother, think about your own kid with your friend, that's not a right thing to do. For a young guy, he might like you the moment he was horny because young guy like experienced woman. (Just like we can eat almost any food and think delicious when we are starving) Then, they will move on. He might be testing the ways he did with you to other girls at his age by now.

    Nothing personal, I also have bad experience with younger bf's (not more than 5 years younger)

    I don't want you to think that he will be thinking about you.

What Guys Said 3

  • It is none of my business...I have seen relationships like these B 4...the odds of them working long term will be somewhat less that average. idk..he will be 43 when your 59...and 53 when you are 69...u will be more aware of possible ramifications than he will...but..if that is what he wants..u two are free adults...

  • Just curiosity about having sex with an older woman with experience. I've felt attracted to older women before. I doubt the guy is expecting anything serious, probably just a friends with benefits situation or either now that he got years worth of lust out of his system he may not contact you.

  • it's the fact that your his friend's mom

    also what guy doesn't like easy free sex?

What Girls Said 3

  • Every time I hear stories like this all I can think is eww.

    • It's OK. Ull get there and we won't eww. It is really kinda hot

  • From one Mrs Robinson to another (hehehehe ) now nothing! Just go with the attention you are getting from him. There are countless number of young guys who fancy more mature women. In fact that is all I prefer. I'm about your age group and yeah it can be fun. The only thing I caution you on is that fact that he is your friends son. So tread carefully. The best age group is late 20's to early 30's though. A bit mature and stable.

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