I broke up with my boyfriend and I'm so devastated. I'm lost...

My boyfriend hit on two of my best friends, slapped my sisters butt, touched my bros gfs hand, stared at my cousin and brushed her hair behind her ear. So I know he was bad for me... it's just I loved him so much I overlooked everything.. He is still living with me and he's been trying to kiss me and all that.. I've been balling my eyes out all last night all today and he doesn't seem to care about us breaking up. We were with each other for a year and 9 almost 10 months... I really am so lost. I guess I'm just looking for some advice on what to do and what not to do next relationship.. I did everything for him I shaved a K on my damn vagina for him! I would do everything sexual he wanted... I don't know what I did wrong.. how can I keep a man? Cause obviously I cant.


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  • I'm sorry to read about what has happened to you-I seem to recall you were blissfully happy- that is from what answers you had posted here etc. That said-by what I can sense you did nothing wrong and it doesn't come down to what you had to do or should have done-quite simply, and you'll forgive my bluntness I hope, your now ex was a pig and took you for granted and perhaps, I daresay, viewed you as a commodity for sexual gratification. If you'll pardon my bluntness-from the photos you had of yourself here I got the impression he simply wasn't good enough for you.

    That said, next time-and there will be a next time you find somebody who deserves you, you'll ensure you are treated with respect and never compromise yourself or your principles.

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      I was blissfully happy :( I thought I had the perfect relationship but he was doing things while I was around but JUST out of sight... I'm an effing idiot to be blunt :P lol but not really lol.

      I think he may have kept me around for sex too.

      NOBODY thought he was good enough for me.. but I felt the opposite.. I'm starting to come around... slowly.