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I broke up with my boyfriend and I'm so devastated. I'm lost...

My boyfriend hit on two of my best friends, slapped my sisters butt, touched my bros gfs hand, stared at my cousin and brushed her hair behind her... Show More

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  • I'm sorry to read about what has happened to you-I seem to recall you were blissfully happy- that is from what answers you had posted here etc. That said-by what I can sense you did nothing wrong and it doesn't come down to what you had to do or should have done-quite simply, and you'll forgive my bluntness I hope, your now ex was a pig and took you for granted and perhaps, I daresay, viewed you as a commodity for sexual gratification. If you'll pardon my bluntness-from the photos you had of yourself here I got the impression he simply wasn't good enough for you.That said, next time-and there will be a next time you find somebody who deserves you, you'll ensure you are treated with respect and never compromise yourself or your principles.

    • I was blissfully happy :( I thought I had the perfect relationship but he was doing things while I was around but JUST out of sight... I'm an effing idiot to be blunt :P lol but not really lol.I think he may have kept me around for sex too.NOBODY thought he was good enough for me.. but I felt the opposite.. I'm starting to come around... slowly.

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  • What did you do wrong? You picked the wrong guy.First, you need to learn to respond to red flags. When he slaps your sister's butt, red flag. You don't let that ride. You stop him, let him know it's not okay, and that *if the behavior continues, the relationship ends.*That last bit is critical. Some guys will do what they can get away with, then think, if it were a problem, she'd dump me. The only way these guys learn, then, is by getting dumped, over and over, until they get their acts together.But there's a deeper question here. You're broken up over a bad boyfriend who has no regrets about leaving you. Why? This isn't a good relationship you're grieving, but a rotten one. Is being in a relationship so important to you that you would rather be in a crappy one than none at all? I hope not.

  • You picked the wrong guy and it sounds like you threw all self respect out the window for him. Never lose your self respect, and don't stand for anything he did to you. Don't live with him. Kick him out and find a roommate.Anyone worth your time won't ask you to do those degrading things, and won't treat you with that sort of disrespect.

  • Well what a sad predicament you are in. I always feel sympathetic for people who invest emotion into the worst candidates. What can you do? Just let time heal your wounds. What should you do? Learn to be a better just of character next time.

  • Wow! I sure hate to hear that! I wondered what had happened to u. Aussies Rock...er..at least the females do...since I am not there would be dificult for me observe you and make suggestions about how to keep a man...but this one was probably not a good choice to start with..trying to change womanizers is difficult (impossible?) I would say that where you wente wrong was getting involved with him in the first place...It is nice to have you back but am sure sorry about the circumstances...

    • Thanks Taster. Yeah I didn't have internet for SO long I was going crazy lol I guess I should have listened to everybody but love is blind isn't it.. sigh* I guess Ill just open my eyes more next time then.

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