Harder for men or women to find a partner?

As a status quo, women have the problem of choosing the right man out of as many as they care to meet, men have the problem of getting the time of day from any woman they see. /so its hard to say but even if a guy is very attractive and is nice (not a pushover though) that still doesn't mean that most girls would date him. So I say it is a little harder for men what do you think?


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  • Wow, okay. Let's see I've asked about ... never mind how many women out. I've gotten positive answers from less than .5% of them. Sure, men see an attractive woman, then chat some to see if they are sociable and agreeable. The amount of rejection a man goes through, makes for a lot of depressed men. Also, nationally the US population is 51% male and 49% female.

    Women shoot fish in a barrel, they just have to accept. Now, there are the ... one thing men who are trash. I say though, women date the jerks, marry the nice guys. I am a nice guy. I am told that in the 30s women start looking for men, as close as I am, I cannot wait for that window.

    Btw, I am not overweight, I have great musculature, a Master's Degree so I am very desirable if I may toot my own horn. My female friends say they cannot understand how I am not with someone. "You know all the right answers!" I respond with the women here are too immature to realize a good man. I work near a college campus.

    Through all this, women will say it is harder for a woman and a man will say the same about being a man. Truth is, women when young can be pickier, and the older you get the more... desperate you can become.


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  • Harder for women to get a partner for a serious relationship or marriage.

    • I can understand because most men want sex but for those who want relationships still have a tough time such as me and my friends who are a little above average in looks and are not jerks.

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    • you know this kinda goes off to say..its kinda odd but everyone see's it...you say its harder for girls to find serious guys..i know so many and yet the "jerk" guys are the ones that get the girl and the "serious guys are left in the corner banging their heads on the wall...so you tell me why do girls complain when their treated so bad but when theirs a good guy comforting them right in front of them they jump right in the "jerk" that hurt thems lap?

    • Crusader_420

      What a girl considers serious differs from what a guy considers serious.

      casual relationship /= serious relationship

  • I'd say its easier for us girls..sorry guys:(

  • harder for men because still in this day and age the vast majority of women will never make the first move, never ask a guy out

  • Women sex in general and relationships with people they aren't that into. Men relationships with people they are really into and sex with people they aren't that into.

  • It's harder for men to have many girls hit on them. Girls have guys hitting on them all the time. But, they aren't necessarily good guys. So, if we're talking about quantity? Yes, girls are luckier. But if we're talking about quality? it's equal.


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  • Definitely harder for men...

  • I think its much easier for the average girl to get a date/ boyfriend than it is even for a good looking guy. The thing is that they can go out and get approached at most places. Guys rarely get approached genuinely, other than a girl screaming out a car "you're hot" or some looks.

    • Yeah even if the guy is attractive and has a nice personality does not meen that guy is a girls "type". What a girl wants is very specific and varys greatly from girl to girl as where men we are much more collective when it comes to what we want our girl to look like and her characteristics.

  • definetley men

  • just baseing off what I see everyday... girls have guys lined up knocking them down...guys lol two words good luck

  • very true.

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