I'm sleeping with her boyfriend... what do I do?!

I am pretty sure the guy I am sleeping with (casually on and off for years now) has a girlfriend. It even looks like they are serious and have been dating for a couple years. I definitely plan on telling him I can't have sex with him anymore... but I am torn on wether or not I tell his girlfriend. I have tried to put myself in her position and see if I would or wouldn't want to know... or if I have the right to tell her... HELP

Maybe this wasn't clear but I DID NOT know he had a girlfriend... just found out... so I wouldn't say I'm feeling to great right now either.


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  • Tell his girlfriend. He's been cheating on her for who knows how long. She has the right to know and you know what? He won't tell her because he doesn't want to get caught. Tell her you never knew and as soon as you found out about her, you said you couldn't do it any longer.

    I've been the girl that has been cheated on by multiple guys and I would have liked to know by her or well at least by someone before it was too late and everyone knew. So tell her and explain to her what happened. Tell her everything she wants to know, that will be the best. She can make the decision if she wants to be with the scum bag or not after that.


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  • Not your relationship, not your problem. If she was a close friend, then maybe. Otherwise you can do little good, and a lot of harm; if she doesn't know, maybe it's because she doesn't want to. People sometimes turn a blind eye toward things they don't care to see.

  • They call me a trolling man of sorts, always campaigning against casual sex and sluts. This is why. It's bad to do intimate things with people you don't know.

    This is why slutting around is bad.

  • What the hell goes through people's minds when they sleep with people who are already in a relationship?! Do you not stop to think about how much you are hurting (assuming the other girl finds out) the other person? I thought girl's your age were more mature than that! You know damn well what you have to do! You haveto tell her. It doesn't matter if you have the right to tell her or not. If you were in her position would you want to know if your boyfriend was cheating on you?

  • The first thing you need to do is stop sleeping with him and tell his girlfriend because she has the right to know that he is cheating on her so she can kick his ass to the out this guy sound like a player I bet this is not the first time he has sleep with a girl beside his girlfriend and just because he may be with some more girl be side you he is a ass hole for doing this to his girlfriend and you are wrong for sleeping with him in the first place knowing he had a girlfriend


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  • Yea you should let her know because if you quit sleeping w him which you should he probably will just find another chik to cheat on her with think of it this way if you were her would you want to know which if it was for me hell yeah kick his cheating butt to the curb

  • Tell her. If she is in a serious relationship with the guy she deserves to know that he is unfaithful before deciding whether to continuing investing her time in him or not.

  • you should defiantly tell her. I mean, maybe she won't get mad at you and gain respect because you had the guts to tell her, but make sure that you tell her that you didn't know that they were together, or serious in your case.

  • wow, your're such a bitch...

  • I think you should tell her,she has a right to know,your actually doing her a favor.And stop sleeping with him!

    Let us know what happens lol

    • let us know if you tell her!