How much of an age difference is acceptable for a relationship?

so I flirted with a guy 12 years older then me, and we clicked... I don't know were to take it from here because, he's so hot and I don't think he knows how old I really am... so is that really bad?


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  • The older you get the more acceptable it becomes. This isn't a double standard, this is about physiological and psychological maturity of the brain. At 17 you may have all your womanly parts but you are far from a full fledged adult. You are still developing in certain areas of higher order thinking, most importantly logical and rationalized thinking. As easily told by many a college kid, these don't seem to finish until well into the upper 20's if then. :D Also, experiences in your life are significantly different and limited compared to his. Myself, at 17 I knew very little of the world that's out there. Especially sexuality and dangerous manipulative people (not saying this guy is one). Tread carefully, but in any real sense I'd look for someone at your school and less towards someone old enough to be ready to start a family.

    All this being said, my earlier point is and continues that as you age, it is more acceptable. My grandparents were 10 years apart. However, they met after my grandmother finished college (24yo and 34yo). Likewise my girlfriends parents are 13 years apart but met when her mom was 23yo.

    Best of luck.


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  • Daddy issues?

    • It hasn't gotten that far...

    • lol he's 29. Girl please use some sense.

  • How do you know his age and he doesn't know yours?

    • he told me but it just ever come up because we kept on talking so I assume he thought I looked older.

  • You're 17? That makes it gross. Very gross. Ugh. That being said, there does come a point when people are all grown up so it won't matter very much. But it's not like you're 25 and he's like 35. You're a kid; he's well into adulthood.

  • Are you 18 or 24?

    • nope. 17

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    • why is that?

    • Because you're a baby.

  • I dated someone that was 7 years older. depends on the people involved

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  • My boyfriend is 36 and I am 26 and we have been together for 3 1/2 years and have a 1 year old so for us it works. Age is only a number, with the exception that both people are of age meaning both people involved should at least be 18 years and older.

  • So your 17 and he's 29, I don't think its that much of a deal because its how you feel and you can't change the way you feel. But I think you should wait until you turn 18 because your brain will mature more and you will understand the real world. If he's a nice guy and isn't inappropriate with you, then its fine to be with him. Age shouldn't matter and 12yrs apart isn't that bad. But you're still young, I think you shouldn't rush because your future awaits. And most importantly, don't let him force you to do any of that.

    • I agree completely, this is the best answer I've seen so far!

    • haha why thank you!

  • jail


  • I take my age, divide it by two, then add 7.

    If you're 30, then: 30/2 = 15, 15+7= 22, so a 22 and 30 year old is acceptable ;)

    No I'm kidding, but as long as you're over the age of 18 why not! It's your life, just make sure you let him know how old you are. Be safe!

  • No, in the old days people did that all the time (different time but still). As long as you aren't under age.

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