If a guy tells you he misses you, what are his intentions?

I still have feelings for this guy I used to talk to, and I think he does too. He's a very confusing guy because he never says how he feels and keeps things bottled in which is one of the reasons I said I wanted to be friends. But recently, I went to wish him a happy birthday and he texted me back thanking me and that he misses me.

So...I don't exactly though what he expected me to say back. I mean, I said I miss him back because its true, but you think he hasn't moved on yet?

Anonymous user girl: I know exactly how you feel because I'm sort of in the same situation. Never had a boyfriend, and the guy I like lives far away. He's the first guy I really talked to, and when we started talking I couldn't help but feel awkward because this was all new to me. But as time goes by, you slowly start to get to know each other, and you feel much more comfortable around each other. So the awkwardness does go away, trust me. It just takes time! :)


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  • did he just go through a break up? I hate to say it but you could be a rebound, can you answer mine please?

    so I met this guy during a trip two years ago, I had a crush on him at the time but I didn't tell him because of the distance. We stayed in contact off and on and yesterday I spoke to him for the first time in a while. We both flirted and the conversation moved towards dating, ect. We spoke for a couple of hours and he was really trying to convince me to visit him (he says he wants to come visit but money is super tight in his family) and complimenting me saying I'm beautiful so I said- I find it funny that all of a sudden you want me to visit you, he said- to be honest; when I first saw you at -Bob's- house I fell for you. so than I told him that I felt the same way. He said he felt like yelling for joy, but that't he'd wake up his family. He then asked me what I'd say if a guy that lives on another continent asked me to go out with him, what id say. I said- id say yes. he then asked me- -Alexandra Camille Smith- wil you go out with me? I said- yes. I've never had a boyfriend, nor my first kiss he said that the next time we see each other he wants to give me a big hug and that if everything goes well and I feel comfortable he'd like me to give him the honour of giving me my first kiss. The problem? I feel ackward I've never had a boyfriend and he's intense like he keeps saying I'm thinking of you, I'm thinking about us as a couple, your stunning, I can't wait for us to be together, my sweetheart I feel SUPER ackward with this what do I do?

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      He wasn't in a recent breakup, but he moved away. Thing is he's coming back in a couple of months. So I have a feeling he just didn't want to start anything before he left. However, I do know his last ex was psycho, so he has a bit of commitment issues which is probably why he gives mixed signals.

      But as for your question, I'll message you it because I don't have enough room to write it here. lol

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      k that definitely it, I just said rebound because that's what happened when a guy was like that with me, k perfect looking forward to your answer :)

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      I wrote the answer under my question where it says update :)