My boyfriend said he has been thinking of breaking up with me?


So I'm very confused and hurt right now, I just don't know what to do. My boyfriend (of almost 2 years) and I have been arguing over everything for the last week or so. Generally, we never really argue, at least about anything serious and it's usually over in a couple of minutes. But lately he has seemed very unhappy and snaps at me for almost anything...well I'm getting to point of frustration and I snap back at him, so it's now just a vicious cycle. I have noticed, and I have tried to ask him what's going on, but he just blows it off and, well, vicious cycle. This morning we got into a fight over something very silly on our way to work, and it led to him saying he has been unhappy and thinking about breaking up with me for the past week.

We live together and work together (I know) and have talked about marriage and family, and we both (I thought) wanted the same things, but now I just really don't know. Things up until this point have been really good, with minor bumps. He does have a child he has nothing to do with, that he neglected to tell me about for the first year, but we've mostly worked through that. He's since apologized to me and said that it's not what he really wants, he was just angry. So now I am just thinking that he is staying with me for convenience and to avoid a confrontation. So how do I trust this man, that I truly love, to not just give up and leave me the next time we hit a bump? What if we have children and he decides at that point that he's done? Please, I know this is silly and I know people only do what they really want to do, but some outside words might be comforting. How does a relationship move on from this?