Too late to apologize after a break up?

If you got out of a relationship with your ex (and she/he was the one who f***ed up the relationship and left you) and you were pretty over her/him, would you appreciate it if she/he apologized to you, even if it was a couple months past when it should have been said?


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  • Knowing that exact situation I can tell you exactly what kind of apology I would appreciate: one that tells me she understands what she did.


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  • I would appreciate a sincere apology that's only to let me know that she feels that what was done was somehow wrong for us , but I would not appreciate an apology that was made just to get forgiveness , I understand that we all make mistakes but I don't expect forgiveness when I apologize , I just want to say it to feel better and let the other person know , that's what I think apologies are for . I don't know if it makes sense to you :P

    • Yeah that kind of makes sense, but isn't the whole point of accepting an apology is to give forgiveness?

    • That's the part that disappoints me , if somebody regretted what he did , simply saying so should do , I can't count asking for forgiveness as a true apology :P

    • Oh, alright I totally understand what you mean now, thanks!

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  • yeah, I'd appreciate it. it wouldn't change anything, though.

  • No. it would be useless.

  • lol thanks for the comment :) I'll take your advice!

    what you should have done was make him feel like an a-hole. If he messed up tell him how much happy you are that you guys broke up. But just don't make it seem as if you're trying to hard to rub it in your face. I'll tell him off if you didn't get the chance before and move on with your life.