What really attracts men in their 40s to women in their 20s?

Okay, so I'm 22 and I've had the biggest crush on a guy at work who is 20 years older than I am but honestly I don't have a lot of experience with dating but I act mature for 22, if that matters. Another thing besides not being very relationship experienced is I am pretty self conscious and for... Show More

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  • It's been bred into us after generations of arranged marriages and marriages of opportunity where an established man would marry a young, fertile woman. It was ideal during harder times. Basically, it's instinctive. Older men make more suitable husbands because they can provide and have more political clout, which is more important than sperm of somewhat higher quality. Younger women are more desirable because they are much more physically capable of handling pregnancy and taking care of children.

    Now that the developed world is a safer place and everyone can provide some form of living, marriages are able to survive on love, and the age gap can be much more narrow, or even reversed without any real drawbacks. Despite this, the arrangement mentioned above still has its virtues and the instinct is still present. It affects people who don't even care about long term relationships or bearing children.

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