He's not ready for a relationship

What does it mean when a guy says he's not ready for a relationship right now? He said he cares for me, doesn't want to hurt me and thinks we should stop having sex for now. He wants to keep dating me and isn't seeing anyone else. What gives? Should I stick around?

Thank you all for your answers. I've decided that if a man doesn't know what he wants then he should go figure it out on his own. I'm constantly being hit on by men. If he wants to risk losing me, then he doesn't see my worth. I'll still be his friend because I genuinely like him. That being said, I'm not going to be a push over waiting for him to be "ready".

I told him he should go date other people. When he sees what's out there, I guarantee he'll be back. Will I be waiting? Nope
To clarify my update... I will continue being his friend because, I really like him but, this is something he needs to work out on his own. I need to worry about myself too. I don't want to be hurt. This could be his way of letting me down but, who knows. I can't wait around just to end up being disappointed. I have to keep my options open just in case.
I ran into a guy I went on a few dates with on my way to work. We're going out tonight. I really need a distraction. I'm going to have to keep myself really busy so, I can stop over thinking this.
Well, I think it's definitely over. I haven't heard from him since the last email. The first one got an instant reply and the next one... NOTHING! I know he's seen it by now because, he's been online. This really freaking sucks but, I guess it's better now than later?!?!?! I better go get ready for my date. I wish I was going with him. **sigh**
Well, we talked a couple times since my last post. I've also been on 3 dates (dif. guys) since then. This is the first weekend we didn't spend together since we met. My phone died on him last convo. He tried to call back but, I fell asleep. Called him back few hrs later, no answer no call back either (that was Sunday). After dating these other ppl, the more I realize I miss him. What to do now? :(


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  • Same thing happened to me but I fought for him, let me tell you it was a waste of time, your decision to let it go and move on is the best one from my experience I got my heart broken in the end, I wish I would have moved on while I had the chance. Do you, like you said if he can't appreciate you, someone better and more deserving will. He will realize what he lost in time.

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      Yes, I agree.

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      The part I do not agree with is that he will realize what he lost in time. They never do. The problem is that they did not value what they had in the first place so they never regret losing what they did not value. I only add this because it helps make it easier to move on from someone when we really see the truth of their total lack of treating you as you want and should be treated. It is all about moving on to finding someone who thinks you are amazing.