She is 20, I'm 32, is she too young for me?

I kinda like this younger woman, she is only 20. I really care for her. I do feel for her as a friend but also have some feelings for her that won't go away. I normally don't go for women younger than 25. I'm confused here as I don't wanna come across as a pervert. What do you reckon?

  • Vote A Only stay friends
  • Vote B Age is just a number, go for it
  • Vote C Its wrong as she is too young
  • Vote D Wait and see what happens in the future
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I've kinda decided to ease off this girl, not because of her age because all of you made valuable comments. I find her to be so hot and cold, one minute she wants to chat and go out, next she seems off for no apparent reason. I deserve better than this.


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  • I am younger and my guy is almost 10 years older than me. I think as long as the girl is mature it's fine. If she acts like most 20 year olds then probably not unless you act that age too but you are concerned about this so I doubt you are immature. Girls mature faster anyways, so that helps. If things are comfortable together and it doesn't feel awkward I say go for it. A lot of people may judge, we get a lot of comments, but we don't care because it's us and we are happy. Do what makes you happy.

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      Thank you. I'll just take it easy and see what happens because I really care for her and would rather her be a friend for life than a girl who I dated and lost. Not that I'm saying id lose her lol She has a number of problems in her life and really needs to chat to me at times because I'm the only one she can turn to.

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      Wow for a 19year old your head really seems firmly screwed onto your shoulders! Your a very mature young lady :) Thank you again for your opinion, I guess your man knows how yo look after you and seems like the one to take you forward in life. I'm gonna take it easy with this girl, be there as a friend and make sure she stands firmly. I know I don't have to do this but I want to do this because I care for her. I'll carry on being a good person in her life :)

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      Good luck!!