I was jealous. She wants space, I think

I'm spending a lot of time with a girl at work. We've developed feelings for each other. At at recent staff Christmas party I got really drunk and kinda made a jealous scene because I felt she was spending too much time talking to other guys. I ended up leaving the party wthout her. The next day... Show More

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  • Don't get to heavy, to me it sounds liek you are already. firstly she may be alarmed by your jealousy as girls like to have male friends too. let her call, don't pressure or she will run for the hills, if she doesn't call in say a week, then give her a friendly call with no pressure. Also keep your work as work and what's outside separate, she will appreciate that.

    • The work thing is a big deal for her. She didn`t want the word to get out. I think that my stupid display may have a few people at work asking questions. We`were really connecting. I just don`t get how one incident devalues all that. I`ve beaten myself up with guilt for two days over this. I am letting go and moving on. Anyone who isn`t willing to forgive isn`t worth my time.

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    • Happy to say everything seems to be getting back to normal. There still seems to be a lot of fear about the fact that we work together on her part. Thanks all for talking me off the ledge. Your cooler heads probably saved me from saying something stupid.

    • You are welcome, but give yourself some credit for reaching out to get the help... it shows you are more level headed than you know :)