If a married man tells you he loves you is it true?

I have been seeing this guy for 9 months.he is married but his marriage is seriously on the rocks.we were attracted to each other right away.he started to just flirt and at first I was like no but I started to feel comfortable with him, but it started to progress in to something deeper we started to care, and our relationship at first was just about sex but like maybe four months into it we started to care. being considerate of each other and our feelings.now he tells me he loves me and I know I love him too so much. he doesn't have sex with his wife that often anymore.we have been talking about kids and marriage. I know most affairs guys are like they just want sex, but honestly its different and I know it is. he cares for me, he said he has never felt like this way towards anyone else not even his wife.and that I am truly his love of his life.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Hmmm he's married key word there married, and your hooking up with him, yup you are a home wrecker way to go. So say he loses half his stuff in the divorce cause of you, and well it's sunshine and rainbows for a while and then he cheats on you, you may think no that won't happen, really cause history repeats itself.