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Boyfriend is depressed, suicidal, and has no self confidence.

He is my first boyfriend and has many issues. He is depressed, suicidal, and has no self confidence. As for me I never had a problem with this until... Show More

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  • Don't be with a guy that doesn't have no self confidence in himself whatsoever like for example a shy guy can be a little insecure but still have confidence which is a better catch than a guy who doesn't have any at all. I don't think a guy with no confidence and thinks about suicidal thoughts is worth trying as a boyfriend and also worth your time. It gets you no where. Do him a favor and call a suicidal hotline for him if it's that serious. Maybe you can influence him with your optimistic self. To your issue I think you should find someone else, someone with better confidence you know. The atmosphere will be much better and you'll be happier and have a better attitude.

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  • You should probably break up and he needs to deal with his issues before getting into a relationship.

  • You can either try to cope with your boyfriend's issues and work on them with him. Or you can break up with him which should be the very last option. I think spending the summer apart kind of hurt the relaionship. How did you and him keep in contact during the summer apart? I can imagine dealing with his personal issues is tough and rough. I htink if you really love him then hang in their as long as you can with him.

  • Either break up with him or try to fix it. A girl has an amazing ability to boost a guy's self esteem. If you want to give him self confidence then definitely don't cut him down or make fun of him. Put your support behind everything he does. Tell him you love him. Tell him how great of a person he is. Don't just do it once, you have to do this every few days. Do it for a month or two and he'll gain self confidence. He's unsure of himself right now for whatever reason. Or you could just break up with him if you don't think you really like him enough to do those things. Are you a controlling person? A woman who is controlling is kind of damaging to a guy's self confidence. You could be undermining his desire to become more confident.

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  • you shouldn't be in a relationship that's forced, you shouldn't be with the guy just because you had a thing at one point and he has issues. I think you should find a way to politely say its over. if he's annoying you than there's nothing there, your just wasting yours and his time when you two could be happier with someone else. its hard, you are ultimately the one who has to make the decision. good luck

  • if you don't want to be with him anymore, you should break up with him. the worst thing you could do is growing apart then having him find out you don't have feelings for him anymore. don't be mean, don't say he's annoying or mention the heavy stuff going on in his life. and it'd be a good idea to stay friends, just so he doesn't feel completely abandoned.

    • Well staying friends is when two people decide to break up , when one breaks up with the other it is a really bad idea to mention it to him , really :P

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