Boyfriend is depressed, suicidal, and has no self confidence.

He is my first boyfriend and has many issues. He is depressed, suicidal, and has no self confidence. As for me I never had a problem with this until we spent the summer apart and now I find that everything we used to do together is very annoying to me. WHAT DO I DO?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Don't be with a guy that doesn't have no self confidence in himself whatsoever like for example a shy guy can be a little insecure but still have confidence which is a better catch than a guy who doesn't have any at all. I don't think a guy with no confidence and thinks about suicidal thoughts is worth trying as a boyfriend and also worth your time. It gets you no where. Do him a favor and call a suicidal hotline for him if it's that serious. Maybe you can influence him with your optimistic self. To your issue I think you should find someone else, someone with better confidence you know. The atmosphere will be much better and you'll be happier and have a better attitude.