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Age difference 11 years?

Has any girl in their early 20's gone out with a man in their 30's. If so, how did it happen and how did it work out? Is it common if the age gap... Show More

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  • 1. Has any girl in their early 20's gone out with a man in their 30's?

    Sure there are girls. Not me though I find old guys unattractive.

    2. If so, how did it happen and how did it work out?

    In most cases the girls has daddy issues, is looking for a provider, wants to settle down but the guys her age aren't interested in that, or was always attracted to old guys.

    In some cases the guy looks younger than his age so the girl doesn't even think about his age.

    In the daddy issue/provider cases it works out into codependency and an unhealthy relationship.

    The settling down works out for guys lookng for a wife or a serious long term relationship.

    The always attracted to old guys usually happens with a girl that the old guy used to babysit or was a niece of a friend.

    3. Is it common if the age gap is more than 10 years?

    Quote common after all guys value youth. Guys in their 30s & 40s prefer to date 20 year old girls than women their own age.

    4. Do younger girls consider being with much older men usually or is this a rare thing?

    They consider it if they have daddy/grandaddy issues, are looking for a provider, wants to settle down but the guys her age aren't interested in that, or was always attracted to old guys.

    Even without those circumstances younger girls consider it because women are less visual, more forgiving about looks/aging, and don't value/fixated on youth as much as men.

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  • I was 18 when I met my ex, he was 38 at the time but I was very mature for my age and he seemed much younger than he actually was. We were mutually attracted to each other and stayed to gether for 17, had 3 kids together and the age gap was never an issue for me as far as physical attraction. I'm not in general attracted to older men at all.

    I did find however as the relationship progressed in the latter 6 years that he began to recent my need to pursue my ambitions, became quite controlling over me-which ultimately caused our separation, when he could no longer surpress my need to explore what life had to offer me he became quite troubled and agressive both verbally and physically, but I couldn't say if that was "grumpy old man syndrome" or just a character floor,- that along with his lack of sexual desire for me at 54, me being in my early 30's at that point and reacting my sexual peek.

    I don't think I would based on this experience ever date an older man now, just because I am 35 and want to enjoy what's left of my youth and in general guys aged 40+ that are single are damaged in some way in that they are divorcée's or are looking for a wife to "care for them" when they retire, where as I want to embrace all that life has to offer whilst still young enough too.

  • My aunt/unclue have 14 years between them and 2 kids

    They been married almost 15years

    • cool thanks. I think when people grope older than it might make difference. eg. when man is 60 but women is still only 48.

  • I like a guy who is 36 and I am 25. Nothing has happened between us, and I doubt he'll be interested in me but we connect so well. It has nothing to do with his money either. I make as much money as he does. I fell for him because he is a wonderful man, and I would rather have him over a 25 year old any day. He is probably more fit and active than someone my age anyway. He's a good father, and doesn't want more kids. I don't want kids, so we can avoid that awkward conversation later if he ever did want me. I don't mind that he has a kid, I have no problems with kids, I just don;'t want one myself.

  • There are all types of people in the world, therefore diff preferences. I have met a few of my friends who went out with older men, and they still prefer older men over younger or the same age. They say older men are more understanding, mature, and economically stable etc etc etc. A gap of a little bit more than 10yrs was basically the gap my friends were into actually. It's not like do younger girls usually consider older men, it's more like, if there is chemistry with a man, age does not matter.

    On the other hand though, I'm the type of women who is attracted to men 1-3 years younger than me because they'll make me remember of the fun times in high school, and doing things without thinking. I'm attracted to men who are shy at almost everything and not so experienced, but that's just my taste.

  • it doesn't work out. she's just using you for financial security and you're just using her for her youth

    • really? I admit that her youth is something I'm attracted too. But her personality as well. We get along well and click. plus she has a job earning money and its not like I'm spending money buying her presents or taking her on vacations just yet? So how can you be sure?

      She seems mature for her age. And I look young.. I still play sports and work out. by the way, we aren't having sex yet either..

  • No Its common thing for me.Some girls find older guys are more understanding and matured.They tend to be more commitment than the younger guys.I have many friends that don't like older guys like 30's but I don't mind as long as they are not more than 35 as I'm 22.I prefer date guys around 25-35 max.

    • cool thanks.

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