Are women jealous of more attractive women?

A female friend recently met my girlfriend and said she's way out of my league. That only sluts or a woman with bad emotional issues would date a 'Guy like me' when I'm between work.

She's usually very nice to everyone so her negativity put me off


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  • Wow. I'd say she's either a total bitch or extremely jealous of your girlfriend. I'd say jealous of your girlfriend. If she is jealous, it is very likely that she wants you so she's jealous of your girlfriend for having you. Or if that is not the case, maybe your girlfriend is very pretty and makes her feel inferior, yes women are definitely jealous and threatened by more attractive women.And if it is an older woman watching a man around her age flirt with a younger hotter woman--->jealousy/bitch central


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  • Are women jealous of more attractive women? Not me because I don't do jealousy. Yes most women are jealous of more attractive women just like men are jealous of men who can get sex more easily. In general women want looks & men want sex.

    Women being jealous of more attractive women has nothing to do with your "friend's" behavior. She's just a toxic d*ck who wants to put you down.

    Also she should be used to men getting women way out of their league after all that's what most men go after.

  • Personally I'm not like that because I think its silly.Why wanna hate someone that has been borned attractive and more prettier? Its a God gift and plus maybe they work hard to look attractive.Yes,some women are getting emotional when they see other women that are more attractive than them especially if the guy that they like is the girl's boyfriend ^_^

  • Maybe she likes you?

  • she must not like you... If I was jealous of a girl I'd probably talk shiii about stupid things like that her nose is 2cm too long and how her chin resembles a can of expired herpes.


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  • With friends like that, who needs enemies?

  • Wow...

    She's either extremely jealous or not the friend you thought she was. I would really consider your relationship as a friend with this person.

    I had what I thought was a female friend like this once. She turned out to be a sabateur. Basically talking garbage out of jealousy, and drove the girl away with lies. Too much drama... Keep sharp pal, you have a rattlesnake in your backyard.

  • Tell her to f*** off.