My boyfriend punched me and I have had a black eye for 2 weeks what should I do??

basically I love my boyfriend loads and he got drunk a couple of weeks ago and coked up and gave me a black eye by punching me in the temple and he was strangling me I bit him but that was self defence trying to get him off of me, he is such a good person though well we've been going out for a year and a half and I have a 3 year old boy from a previous relationship. I stayed in for a week and lied about the eye... my kids dad used to hit me too and it hurts so much as the bloke I'm with now yeh he's hit me but he also tells me how much he loves me and we have a good sex life but my kids dad used to be horrible all the time...

so basically I'm well bad at relationships and need a little help?

i know what I should do but like I'm not sure if I'm ever gonna have a relationship where I don't ever have a bit of violence plus no can do about parents they both live a long way a way


Most Helpful Girl

  • 1. He is not a good person. Good people do not hit or beat up women or others.

    2. You are subjecting your children to an abusive man who may just be starting with you. They may be next. You couldn't protect yourself, you won't be able to protect them either. Do not kid yourself.

    3. You are subjecting you & your kids to a drug abuser.

    4. You are risking losing your children.

    5. Who is going to raise your children when you are dead? He may kill you.

    6. Or when CSB removes them from you. And they will.

    7. Stop the cycle of thinking you deserve to be beaten. YOU do not. No one does.

    8. Your children are being set up to do the same: boys will learn to abuse women; girls will learn to accept to be abused. All because mom let it happen.


    Locate a women's shelter in your area or call 911. Press charges on him or just report him. If he lives with you, have the police there to get him out.

    If it's about money, think about it, your life & your kids is worth any amount of $$$. Leave whatever you have to.

    Good luck.