My boyfriend punched me and I have had a black eye for 2 weeks what should I do??

basically I love my boyfriend loads and he got drunk a couple of weeks ago and coked up and gave me a black eye by punching me in the temple and he was strangling me I bit him but that was self defence trying to get him off of me, he is such a good person though well we've been going out for a year and a half and I have a 3 year old boy from a previous relationship. I stayed in for a week and lied about the eye... my kids dad used to hit me too and it hurts so much as the bloke I'm with now yeh he's hit me but he also tells me how much he loves me and we have a good sex life but my kids dad used to be horrible all the time...

so basically I'm well bad at relationships and need a little help?

i know what I should do but like I'm not sure if I'm ever gonna have a relationship where I don't ever have a bit of violence plus no can do about parents they both live a long way a way


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  • 1. He is not a good person. Good people do not hit or beat up women or others.

    2. You are subjecting your children to an abusive man who may just be starting with you. They may be next. You couldn't protect yourself, you won't be able to protect them either. Do not kid yourself.

    3. You are subjecting you & your kids to a drug abuser.

    4. You are risking losing your children.

    5. Who is going to raise your children when you are dead? He may kill you.

    6. Or when CSB removes them from you. And they will.

    7. Stop the cycle of thinking you deserve to be beaten. YOU do not. No one does.

    8. Your children are being set up to do the same: boys will learn to abuse women; girls will learn to accept to be abused. All because mom let it happen.


    Locate a women's shelter in your area or call 911. Press charges on him or just report him. If he lives with you, have the police there to get him out.

    If it's about money, think about it, your life & your kids is worth any amount of $$$. Leave whatever you have to.

    Good luck.


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  • -drunk

    -coked up



    I do NOT call that guy 'such a good person' . The description is "abusive @sshole".

    WHY do you still call him 'boyfriend? :-O

    You got rid of the precedent one too. just dump this one asap.

    Call him 'abusive ex' from now on and press charges.

  • Whats his address? Don't worry I won't go overboard. I'm kidding but are YOU kidding me? Time for you to back up your bags and head for the door. Nothing good is gonna come from you staying with him. Nothing at all, Leave, you don't deserve that. It doesn't matter if he was drunk,coked up or all of the above, or none of the above. No man has the right to put their hands on you. Sorry but that's my opinion/suggestion.

  • Stay with him. You know you want the drama.

  • There is more to a relationship than just sex. You need to see this guy for who he truly is and don't make excuses that its OK for him to get away with violent behavoir or drug abuse just because he tells you he loves you. If he truly cared about you he would find a way to stop the drugs and stop being an abusive a**hole and treat you with respect. You on the other hand need to figure out if you want to be around someone who acts this way and do you want to raise a child around him.

  • You're not bad at relationships, you're bad at picking men who aren't abusive a$$holes.

    Get rid of this punk, he's going to do it again. And call the police, even if you can't press charges, at least they'll have it documented that you reported it for the next time he beats you up.

    • Excellent advice. Follow it. But make sure there is no next time.

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  • Its not love if it leaves you black and blue. Leave this guy and never let anyone put their hands on you like that again. Seriously, if anyone ever touched me like that I would be out the door so fast and he would never see or hear from me again, no matter what the circumstances are.

    • @ update: you won't know for sure unless you leave this relationship behind. if you don't stand up to this kind of nonsense then you will always get losers who treat you like sh*t.

  • get out of that relationship, no one deserves to be hit

  • If I were you, I'd break up with him, and press charges. You've been through it before, you know his behavior is very unlikely to change. Why stay?

  • A guy that beats his girlfriend isn't in love, he's in denial. Dump the moron ASAP, he doesn't have the right to punch you if he is coked up or drunk. He did it once, he'll do it again. Get away before its too late.

  • I think that you need to get out of that relationship FAST! I think you should just stay away from a relationship for a while.

  • Get out of the relationship. I know you don't want to but it's the only solution. You need to take care of yourself (especially for your son) and that means not letting yourself be subject to an abusive situation.

  • He's a piece of sh*t! Wake up and smell the coffee! He is a loser and you need to kick his dumb ass to the curb! The relationship that you are in is very unhealthy, you need to see this relationship for what it is. You let him in your life while you have a 3 year old son, while your boyfriend is snorting blow, you need to stop seeing this fool if you can't do it for your well being, do it for your son! He doesn't need to be around abusive people, no one does.

  • I know plenty of guys who are good people...None of them get themselves into drugs, punch their girlfriends, and STRANGLE them! I am 100% positive that you can find a better guy than the guy you have now! If I were you I would get him some help and leave as fast as I could!

  • You need to break up with him, move out and stay with a friend or parents if you're living together and get counseling. He doesn't love you, because pain isn't love. You could never intentionally hurt someone you love and that shows that he has no respect for you.

    You keep getting into abusive relationships because you're emotionally weak and tolerate that behavior. Aggressive guys can pick up on that and target you.

    • You are a magnet for abusive men because you've been abused. You need to go to COUNSELING.