At what age/s do you think people should slow down on the partying?

There is nothing wrong with going out from time to time in my eyes no matter what age you are, but what needs to be the cut off age when it comes to going out during the week nights and weekends? I think that if you're married you should spend more alone time with your significant other than the combined group time.

Whether it's just going to bars to eat several nights a week and drinking multiple beers/drink OR even going to clubs...what age should you start slowing it down by? Does the age make a difference if you're married or not? Explain please :-)

  • Vote A Once you turn 25 you need to slow it down (single)
  • Vote B Once you turn 25 you need to slow it down (married)
  • Vote C Once you turn 30 you need to slow it down (single)
  • Vote D Once you turn 30 you need to slow it down (married)
  • Vote E I have a different answer...
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I mainly asked because I'm 27 and I'm just not really up for all of that as much anymore and it could be depression or it could just be that I'm getting older and want to settle down even though I will still want to go out from time to time and even take my husband with me. I never want to be a boring couple lol I'd want to be the old couple dancing somewhere but I have a friend who NEVER spends alone time with her husband and is 25 almost 26. It's almost always group time at restaurant bars!
I'm single though and feel like I should be going more than my married friend...


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  • I don't think there is a specific age.

    I think you should slow down when you have people who are dependent upon you. If you are completely independent and doing your own thing, I don't see why you should have to slow down at all. Just enjoy yourself :)

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      When legs ain't working ;)

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      Thanks for BA :)

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      You're welcome! :-)