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What does it mean when an older guy says you're adorable?

I am 23 and talking to a guy that is 29. We have been building our friendship for a couple of months and he recently told me that he cared about me... Show More

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  • I think the thing he was implying that you look very hot and sexy. I think he said adorable because he didn't want to fully come out and say you hot but to just use another word for it. It seems like he really likes you and care for you. Do you feel the same way towards him?

What Guys Said 4

  • He probably likes you a lot and gave you a genuine compliment.

  • It means that he thinks that you're adorable!

  • He like your personality. He adores you, he is not picking on you for your age...

What Girls Said 3

  • Adorable is a positive thing to be called. I don't think it's certain that he's calling you that because you're younger. I mean you're both adults. My boyfriend calls me adorable and I am 4 years older than him! You could just ask him what he meant by adorable, that's the only way to know exactly what he meant.

  • Adorable = cute. Actually, it's a little more than cute. It's certainly positive, and has nothing to do with age either. Just take it as a compliment, the dude likes you.

  • Your age difference is not that big. I was in a similar situation but the guy and I had a much larger age gap, too much for us to date.

    Anyway this guy really likes you. I think when a guy tells a girl she is adorable or "so cute!" he really admires her, likes her personality and likes to see her smile. It is a good thing.

    It sounds like this guy is sure in love with you.

    It isn't your age because you are a full woman not a teenager.

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